Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blessings in Order

Now I know that my pea sized brain doesn't work even 1% as much as our Precious Lord's does, but my fleshly side is constantly telling me that everyone that I know who is TTC is getting blessed in order. And when it doesn't flow in that order, I feel like folks are getting robbed. Does that sound silly to anyone? I know that God will bless each of us when He feels it's the right time for us. I really do believe that. But daily I have to Pray for Him to help me deal with hearing about more and more folks who just decided one month to get pregnant and were pregnant the next month. My flesh cries out, "I've been in line longer!" And I also feel that way about others that I know who have been trying longer than me and though it sounds silly, I already dread telling them I'm pregnant if I get pregnant before them. So, Lord Jesus, please help me with my fleshly thoughts and ideas. Help me to trust totally in You every moment. And Jesus if it be possible in Your will, please let this be my month.

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beth ewing

oh girl i feel exactly the same way. and i was dreading having to tell you that i was pregnant if i was. but i want you to have joy if it works for you this month. cause i'll be happy for you....honestly. life isn't's just not. you take what God gives you and you don't feel guilty for it.

Hear My Cry

Amen to what Beth says. I've been trying to line my feelings up with God's word. The flesh can scream so much louder sometimes than our spirits! I do feel exactly the same way when I here of others getting pregnant(or being given a child)and today the Lord reminded me that I had prayed for my sil. And that He was answering my prayers for her and in that instant I had a peace that I haven't had concerning her. I am safe in His arms. I believe in Him. She is hanging in the balance and I do not want her to fall. He knows what is best. And I say that to say this my friend. When I hear those sweet words, that your month has come, I'm going to shout Hallelujah from the rooftops! I'm going to rejoice with you.

Thank-you for the advice on the shot. They have already called my shot into my local Walmart and I pick it up tomorrow. So if I have to get another I'll save the information you shared with me. My sonogram is Tuesday and that will be day 12 for me. This is my first time with this so I'm having a combination of feelings.


I know this next week will be a toughie for you. The waiting seems to be one of the absolute hardest parts for me.

I want to pray for you.

Father God, I lift up my Sweet Sister to you and I pray that you would help cause her body to balance out and allow her to be blessed with a baby by the fruit of her womb. Lord, you opened up the womb of Hannah and blessed her with a great and mighty young man...Samuel. I pray that you will do the same thing for my newfound friend Alesha, and as she has been such a sweet fragrance to you, bless her with your goodness and mercy by allowing her husband's seed to be fruitful and multiply within her.

I pray that you would allow their lovemaking to be just like that found in the Song of Solomon...joyous and blessed, as you fully intended a husband and wife to experience.

I pray Lord that Your presence will dwell with Alesha this week and that she will experience Your peace in a deeper way than ever before. Reveal Yourself to her and draw her close to You.

In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

I have a friend who prays something close to this for me. I hope it was ok to pray this for you. Big HUGE HUGS to you!