Thursday, September 11, 2008

Results of Month 2 on Femara

(Beth... this is my late update posted tonight just for you! hehe)

So, I went to my doctor yesterday. She did my ultrasound and informed me that I have a 20mm follicle on my left ovary. She said instructed me to go ahead and take my HCG shot yesterday evening at 6pm. I explained to her that I was a little frustrated last month because it didn't work. She told me that since it was the first cycle that I actually ovulated on (she's assuming that I didn't ovulate before even though I got positive OPK's), that it may have not been the best cycle for a child to be conceived. I ovulated from the right side last month so I'm just curious if that means that my left side (the one I am due to ovulate from tomorrow morning) needs to go through an entire cycle also before being ready to produce quality eggs. What do you guys think? Do you think this is what she was referring to?

I asked her if she thought something else may be going on with the PCOS and she said at this point she doesn't. She told me that usually you get pregnant within 3-4 cycles and if you don't then yes, something else may be going on. She also said that my testosterone levels (checked July 30) were high which was also an indicator of my PCOS. Lastly, she told me that we would probably add different drugs (injectibles I'm hearing) next month to create more than one egg so that my chances would be greater. And the weirdest part.... she never even mentioned IUI! I was stressing about that for nothing!

I want to believe that this is a wonderful shot at a pregnancy, but I am not going to let my mind run wild with this piece of information. I have faith that God can do this if it is His will this month, but I also know that my mind can be a dangerous place if I let it get out of control with the whole TTC issue. Pray with me and for me that this will be our successful cycle if it be God's will.

I also went to my previous OB's office and requested my medical records. I am taking them to a new doctor, Dr. Robertson, who will hopefully accept me as her patient and help me with my monthly ultrasounds (provided I don't get pregnant this month). If I am pregnant this month, she will still get to do my ultrasounds but instead of follicles, we'll be looking at a precious, little soul!

Please, Pray that if it be God's will, the timing will be perfect. Pray that the egg and the sperm will be perfect as well as the conditions in the uterus (by the way my lining was normal this month) for this conception to take place.

Thanks for all your Prayers and thoughts! I love each of you even though I haven't even met most of you! You still mean the world to me!

Ps. I promise to do better at leaving comments on your all's blogs. I have good intentions but I'm very tired lately from work and this and a hundred other things. I am reading about each of you and Praying for you!

Also, Please Pray for my friend Deanna who is having surgery tomorrow morning to figure out what is causing her infertility issues. Pray for an answer for her!!!

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Hear My Cry

It's so good to hear from you! I've been checking in for days! I so completely understand the busy hustle and bustle though.

Your cycle sounds so promising. I'm not sure about the question in the first paragraph.

Hugs my friend. You are in my prayers.

Hear My Cry

Can I ask you if there you experience differences in clomid and femera and which you prefer?

beth ewing

well thank you missy! i'm not sure if that is what she meant. my doctor says that any given month, fertile myrtle and stud joe only have a 20% chance of conceiving. i think she meant that maybe your body just didn't know what it was supposed to do. maybe.

Jesus, My Best Friend

HMC..... I like the Femara better. It seems to have less side effects BUT... I can't really complain too much because I never really had a whole lot of side effects on the Clomid. I will say my face has more blemishes on it with this Femara than I have ever had in my life! haha