Friday, October 24, 2008

Laproscopy This Friday!

So let me tell u from multiple experiences.... God is soo good all the time even when we feel as though He isn't hearing us. God took my situation yesterday and answered it perfectly. The insurance lady at the doctor called me back and said that they had scheduled my surgery for this Friday ( perfect because I have a 4 day weekend this weekend) and that it was covered... not all of it but the majority! How awesome! I couldn't have set it all up this way if I had have tried! God is soo good to me. He blesses me even when I'm not blessing Him. I really feel that the surgery will be a better fit based on the fact that nothing is working thus far and the fact that my mom had bad endometriosis. Hopefully, PRAYERFULLY they will find simple things to fix and then I'll get pregnant! Please keep Praying! Thanks for lifting me up!

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Good Luck, praying for you


Praying for you! I've had the surgery and it's not too bad.


I'm so excited for you! God is so good all the time. Praying for a quick recovery and positive results.

Jesus, My Best Friend

thanx guys!!!

Dave and Elaine

This is wonderful news! I think it is a very good idea to go ahead with the laproscopic surgery along with the other procedure. I'm so glad this has worked out for you. I'll be thinking and praying for you Friday.

beth ewing

i'm glad it all worked out. i hope you understood my text. i just meant i hate that good news right now is surgery. i wish i was saying congrats that you're pregnant but i trust this surgery will help with that.


I am a lurker on your site through beth's blog...and have been praying for you. I too had a hard time getting pregnant with my first and had laproscopic surgery for a large cyst that they found was actually endometriosis(long story) but I say all this to encourage you. I got pregnant the very next month! We have been trying again to no avail and I am sure that the endometriosis is back. But God has a plan so we'll see what happens then. Just wanted to encourage you and the surgery will take a toll for a few days but after that you will be good to go. Oh and you'll look 6 mths pregnant for a few days due to being pumped full of gas:)