Sunday, November 2, 2008

So What Am I Feeling?

Well...... let's see.... what am I feeling? I have had mixed emotions since I found this out on Friday. I am first and foremost so thankful to God that I can still get pregnant and have a baby. I know that my journey will continue to be difficult but I am thankful for it nonetheless.

I did have a "Freak Out" moment last night. It was from reading the statistics on the internet. And there are some good statistics.... but I was focusing on the bad ones. I was so stressed that I left my apartment and drove around for about 10 minutes (and I wasn't suppose to drive until today). I just needed to let it all out.

Today, I have been reading about some other's who have been through what I am going through and I decided in my heart that since God chose this path for me, He will definitely see me through to the end with it. I just get so overwhelmed thinking about my small window of opportunity and my high risk pregnancy. But God is bigger than those things.

I am still grieving for my dear friend Beth who has faced what I have been worrying about having to face eventually, a miscarriage. Beth is such a sweet person and has been one of my TTC Cheerleaders for awhile now. I Pray that God will help her with this journey. I ask that you Pray for her as well.

In the meantime check out these two blogs. They deal with two girls who have a UU just like me. Look for the belly pics on the second one. It is really interesting to me because when I get pregnant, that's what my belly will look like.

Gas Passer aka UUer : A nurse anesthetist who is actually in labor now with her first baby carried in a UU.

What a Journey for Baby : A sweet lady who went through 5 miscarriages before getting to have her first child. The miscarriages were not from the UU.

P.s. Keep Praying for me. I want to have a baby soon if it is God's will.

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Thanks so much for mentioning my blog - that was very kind of you! I know it's easy to get discouraged reading those crazy stats on the internet - but know that little miracles happen everyday. Brynn is our new little miracle and despite so many bumps in the road - she is here safe and sound. Someday yours will be also. ((hugs))