Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Words From My Father Through 3 Willing Vessels

I am very appreciative of all my friends out there, especially my blog pals. I really feel blessed because there are so many folks that I can actually call a friend. In the past month, I have had three of those friends let me know what God has spoken or shown them regarding my soon to come pregnancy.

If you will remember back a few posts, I had the words of my blog friend Poddy. He is such a sweet person and he really encourages my husband and I. Here's his words again:

"With dark days to come with His children like you shining His light then many will come running to the Lord. I don't see a world wide revival. Can't see it in Gods Word. But when peoples Backs are against the wall, some will cry out to him. And the light of YESHUA will shine waiting to help them to know the father. I'M GOING TO SAY THIS TO YOU MAY GOD BLESS YOUR WOMB AND CHILD WILL SHINE FOR JESUS AND HE WILL BE A BLESSING TO YOU BOTH AND YOUR FAMILY. Please if i'm wrong then forgive me and I will go before the Lord. But I will believe that God as made it known to me to tell you. YOU Won't need to tell me when it comes about, I will hear you here across the pond. blessing to you and hubby. " --- PODDY

On Monday, I was watching my students at breakfast when my friend Steph came in. She, too, has been through infertility and we can really relate to each other emotionally. Steph has been fasting and Praying for me and my friend Deanna for the past few months. She loves sweet tea but she has traded it in to Pray for us! Very sweet! So, she came into the lunchroom Monday and could not wait to talk to me. She told me that she had had a dream last Wednesday that I had came into the conference room and told her that I just peed on a stick and was pregnant. She said that we were both so excited and that we were trying to figure out when the baby would be born, my birthday or hers (both in August which is 9 months from November). She also told me that every time she Prays for me and Deanna she feels soo overwhelmed and burdened for us, but that the last few times that she has Prayed for us, she has not felt burdened at all! What a blessing! How encouraging!

Lastly, my third friend who I have mentioned before on here, Shelly, was overwhelmed with a testimony to tell me on Tuesday. Shelly and Brandon (my old boss from SECC UB) are such wonderful people and they were in the same boat that Michael and I are in now for many years. So, Shelly got ahold of me on Tuesday via Myspace email and said this:

"I just wanted to let you know that I was on my way home from work this evening & I was just praying and thanking God for Emma. Since I've gone back to work, I appreciate her so much more! I started to pray for all the little babies that don't have a mommy or daddy to hold them. I was asking God to give them comfort & to place them with parents who would love and care for them because I know that as much pain that we had when we were trying to conceive, I know that those little babies are yearning for parents just like we wanted a child. I then started to pray for you and your husband that you guys would have comfort and continue to put your trust and faith in God. Just as plain as day, at 5:49, I heard, "tell them to not pray for just any child, but to pray for the child that I am forming just for them!" I didn't have anything to write on, but a pizza box that had our dinner in it LOL, but I stopped on the mountain and wrote that down so I could remember to tell you, not that I would forget :-) I hope that you guys are doing okay! I just wanted to let you know that we will continue to pray for you guys!" -- Shelly

This really touched my heart. The third testimony of God's grace and His soon to come miracles! The fact that it is three also excites me because God speaks in three's all throughout the Bible. My best friend Danielle's mother Verna was given three different testimonies about Danielle's death when she died. Verna talked about this all the time in relation to this verse:

2 Corinthians 13:1 (Whole Chapter)
This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

How awesome that I have heard it in three's! God is soo good!

Ps. Continue to Pray for Deanna and I as we find out our progesterone levels (we both had them checked today) and our pregnancy results. I Pray that if it is God's will, we will be blessed to go through this journey together since we've went through infertility's journey together. Love to each of you!

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I'm so hopeful for you!!! I too will pray for the child that the Lord is forming just for you and your husband! These testimonies must be such an encouragement during the waiting :)

God bless your womb

beth ewing

oh girl i'm praying this is your month and you have are able to enjoy the holidays. can't wait to hear the progesterone results