Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have 1 egg that should ovulate on my left ovary (the good side)! Praise the Lord! Those were actually my first words on the examining table today. God is truly good and He was good even last month when I had no left eggs at all. Just be Praying that He will send our child this month if it is possible in His will.

I did ask the doctor a couple of questions:

1. Would the not so good blood flow to my left side affect my left sided uterus when I get pregnant?
She said no. That it was only my ovary that was being affected by it.

2. Do I have a right rudimentary horn (a Unicornuate Uterus issue)?
She also said no and that if I had have she would have recommended another surgery to take it out. If you'll notice the drawing of my uterus on the right hand side of this blog, you'll see what I'm talking about and I should probably find a new picture because technically that little bitty uterus connected to the right ovary isn't there for me (that's the horn).

3. Should I order my shots anyway?
She said yes I should and that if I didn't need them that we could sell them to other women who are ordering them since they are from overseas.

So some good answers to some burning questions that I had. Pray guys... Pray so hard. I am so ready to find out that I am pregnant and to experience every little thing that goes along with it. I don't even care to puke or be ill.... I'd do anything to have a child at this point.

Thanks for your Prayers. They have been so uplifting to me and I can feel them surrounding me daily. I don't know what I'd do without you guys! You are appreciated more than you could ever know.

Ps. I mentioned to my RE the fact that my aunt had been diagnoised with ovarian cancer. She told me that she was really lucky that they had caught it in Stage 1b (what they moved her down to after the results came back). She was actually beyond lucky... she was blessed! She went for her second round of chemo yesterday and they tested her hormone levels which need to drop to 5 or lower (and this is HCG levels we are talking about here... soo wild to me). Her level had been 97,000 and had dropped to 66 with just that one treatment. Praise God!

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This is all great news. It always feels good to get some questions answered! My favorite line from this post: "God is truly good and He was good even last month when I had no left eggs at all." Fantastic!

Wishing you the best. Oh, and GREAT update on your aunt!

beth ewing

yippee! couldn't be happier for you girl. praying that God's goodness includes a baby this month. someone needs to get off this roller's getting too crowded.


Yay for O'ing on your correct side:) I'm a UU'er as well and I know how frustrating that is. Right side, left side, darn...don't we have enough to deal with having a UU? Good luck!


Praise the Lord!!! =o)

I'm so glad that your aunt is doing better as well!