Friday, March 20, 2009

3rd IUI and My Faith Statment

The IUI went well yesterday. My cervix had to be moved a bit again (as always) and there was a bit of bleeding. There were also a few issues that made them have to spin the specimen a bit longer because of thickness but it all turned out well. I took my Prayer cloth from Shelly and Brandon's church and placed it over my left ovary and uterus area. I Prayed the entire time that I had to wait after the procedure was completed.

Michael and I went down after Church on Wed. It was such a long day with our district walk-thru at work, my nephew (cousin) coming to visit, mamaw stopping by, Church, and then a middle of the night trip to Knoxville! We didn't arrive at our hotel until like after midnight. We ended up staying at a closer hotel this time and we even got a discount through Michael's work.

I felt myself getting ill Wed. but I just kept pushing myself because that's what I do best! haha Anyway, it hit Thursday morning. When I say hit, I mean it hit hard. I was exhausted from coughing and sneezing all night, so much so that I didn't even want to be touched let alone have an IUI. But I went and dropped off the specimen and then went back to the hotel to have a contential breakfast with my hubby before heading back for the procedure.

The doctor put me on progesterone in oil shots and I had to overnight them from Barron's Pharmacy in Ohio. The 2 vials of PIO and the needles and syringes plus the overnight shipping was $96 bucks. Doesn't seem like a lot but it is when you are already paying hundreds for your meds in the first place plus a couple hundred for the IUI and travel/rooms. Mentally exhausting.

So anyway, my doctor and I laughed for a few minutes together about me and my random "shot" moments on the side of the highway. She also told me to let her know if this cold got worse, ie. a fever, so that she could put me on a safe antibiotic. I had to end up calling this morning because it did just that.

After the IUI yesterday, Michael and I went to Wasabi's, my favorite Japenese place in Knoxville. He always wants to take me because I love it but I had to force myself to enjoy it yesterday because I felt so bad. I slept most of the way home and then most of the evening.

I was watching Pastor John Hagee's sermon on writing down your request as a statment of faith and not believing that God can do it but that God will do it. It was really uplifting and I enjoyed it thoroughly. So I am going to write my faith statement on my blog since I consider it my safe place.

"I am asking God to bless me with my very own child(ren) and a personal pregnancy with each one this month. I know that God cares for me and is in control. I also know that HE CAN. But beyond that, my step of faith this month is to realize that HE WILL."

Pastor Hagee mentioned that it is scary to write something so affirmative down on paper and I must admit that it is. It's hard to totally say I am giving over totally to this faith and it will happen. But, shouldn't I be able to let my faith be that strong? Well here is my attempt to try!

So... please continue to Pray for the success of this cycle if it be God's will and for me to get better soon from this silly cold. Keep Praying about all the previous requests, too.

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beth ewing

praying it ends this month. when you say knoxville do you mean TN? we go up there sometimes b/c it's close to jon's family and we have friends there. maybe we can meet up on time when we're there.


Lot's of prayers coming your way. I hope that this is your month...I so do! I remember during our IVF cycle the trigger HCG shot I was shooting up in the bathroom stall at our favorite restaurant exactly 36 hours before retrieval because it needed to be timed perfectly. The crazy things we do for kids!

Hear My Cry

Praying for you!

Jesus, My Best Friend

yea, knoxville, tn. i'm about 1.5 hrs from there depending on which way i go.


praying for you! I googled IUI and found your blog, I go for my first IUI tomorrow morning after 3 months of clomid, 3 years of trying, and nothing. We have "unexplained" infertility, which is so hard! good luck!!!!