Saturday, March 7, 2009

No Cysts and Time Frame

There were no cysts! Praise God! The doctor told me that the only cysts that she would be concerned with would be those on the left and since there weren't any at all, we didn't have to worry about that. I am following the same game plan as last month. 2 amps of powder to 1 cc of fluid daily. I go back for another ultrasound next Wed to see if I have any good left sided eggs. PRAY!!! If that is the case, she will tell me to either continue to nourish them with shots for more growth or tell me that we are ready for an IUI if there are more than 2. She did say that since my progesterone was so low this past month she is going to put me on progesterone shots after insemination (God willing we get that far with this cycle!) After I get pregnant, I will switch over to the suppositories.

I asked her about her time frame for me because I have been worried that she may want me to go to IVF soon. IVF is a wonderful thing but it is just something that I do not want to do unless I have to based on various reasons, one of which being the price $10,000. If God leads me to it, I will follow through just as my dear friend Elaine is doing right now. It truly is a blessed option but I really want to see if this can happen without it.

Anyway, her time frame is 1 year from surgery. You have no idea how much pressure that took off my shoulders because I have been worried that it would be at the 6 month mark which will be this May. I still Pray that God will send a child by the 6 month mark because your chances are increased but I trust Him and His will. He has the perfect time! Praise His precious name!

Daily meditating on my promise from God via my blessed earthly father....

Genesis 30:22: "And God remembered Alesha, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb."

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It's good to have time frames, isn't it? It makes things so much more doable...I like to know where I'm headed and where I've been if that makes any sense at all. I feel a lot more at peace then. I'm so happy to hear that there were no cysts and I'm still keeping you in my prayers!

beth ewing

yea for no cysts. and i'm happy you and your doctor are on the same page...that makes all the difference in the world. can i ask a question about the endo (i don't know much about it)? i know that your best chances are 6 months so will you do another lap at 6 months to make sure it hasn't come back?