Monday, April 20, 2009


Just a quick note... today is day 1 past ovulation. The IUI went well yesterday. I again took my Prayer cloth with me. Funny .. I lost it in the office when I was getting dressed after the procedure. I got down the street and realized it, so I headed back to the office and my doctor dug through the garbage (I had accidentally thrown it away with the paper that covered me) until she found it. I want to hang on to my Prayer cloth because it is something tangible that I can hold that reminds me of all the Prayers that are going up for me and Baby Goodlett.

My RE told me that she had once had a girl hold a baby Jesus figure while having her IUI. The girl got pregnant and passed it to all of her friends who got pregnant. : ) We got a kick out of that. I guess you just had to hear her tell me that story : )

Anyway... continue to Pray that God is knitting this precious child in my womb even now as we speak! I believe that He will! Another thing, Pray for my abdomen which is extremely sore.. not sure if it's from my swollen ovaries, ovulation, or both. Anyway... I've been in pain for 2 days. It's not unbearable but it is uncomfortable.

Much love!


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beth ewing

praying for you. i had some bloating and then was very uncomfortable after my trigger too. you could have just had a mild case of OHSS. i read that the hcg trigger shot can bring it on if your ovaries are super stimulated. just drink lots of clear fluids.


I have a really good feeling about this month! Thinking and praying for you. Love you.

Hear My Cry

praying honey!


Praying for you and your baby. I hope that you feel better too.


Hoping and praying that this will be it for you!


You don't know me but I just happened upon your blog and noticed that I am 1 day behind you in the TWW. I pray that this will be both of our months!

Jesus, My Best Friend

thanks dena ... can i be invited to view your blog?


Hey, I actually just spent the last hour moving everything to a new blog that will be open for the viewing. I needed one attached to a new profile that I don't use all over the place! Here is the link -

It looks very lonely since I lost all of my comments in the transfer!

Meg Bennett

Your faith in this is an inspiration. Thank you for the wonderful blog to read and keep our hopes up. I am going to put a link on mine to yours, check mine out too if you'de like.
It's all about my baby wants and dreams.


7 dpo now right? Hope you're feeling OK...


Yes, I'm at 6. earlier I commented that we would both be finding out on/around mothers day but then I realized it's actually the following week. It might be good it's not this sunday...athough getting a positive on that day could have been fun!
As for symptoms, I've got so many of the symptoms that come from the progesterone and mimic pregnancy so it will be hard to distinguish anything as the day gets closer. I have never really been able to tell. Are you on the daily PIO shots this round too?