Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day After The Shock!

Tomorrow I go to have my beta level checked again. Please Pray that it has doubled. Also, please Pray that my progesterone level will come up. It was a 10 and they want it at a 15. My doctor increased my shot dosage to 2 per day so that it will bring it up. Just Pray that it works and most importantly Pray for God's will. I'm very nervous about tomorrow's results and the next few results for that matter but God is still in control. Whatever He wants to happen with this baby, He will let happen. Just continue to remember me in Prayer. I am by no means out of the woods yet and probably will not feel as though I am until I hold my precious child in my arms.

Also, please continue to Pray for all of those out there (including some of you) who are still waiting. Pray for guidance and strength as they persevere. I want so badly for those of you that I follow to be able to walk this path with me and I truly believe God is on the brink of answering your Prayers. We are still in this together!

And... THANKS SO MUCH for your sweet comments, phone calls, texts, emails. I promise to try to get back to you guys. I am sort of spacey right now haha. I love each of you dearly even if I haven't been the greatest at showing it in these last few months. These hormones and all the mental stress have made me want to hide myself in a deep, dark cave. I look forward to coming out into the light again : ) God is so good!!!

Much love,

Ps. There is a teenage boy that needs our Prayers. My brother goes to school with him and he went to the school I teach out. He stopped breathing this evening. Not sure the situation... but they have him at UT. Be much in Prayer for him please!

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Dave and Elaine

Congrats on your BFP!! Praying for doubling betas and higher progesterone levels! God is so good!

Praying for Hope

I don't believe I've ever posted here, but I read your blog. You're definitely in my prayers.


Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I've been so excited for you ever since finding out the great news and really am so glad to have met you! I'll be praying for your levels to come back great tomorrow!


Alesha, Praying for those levels to rise and praying for.......your BABY, OH my GoSH! Thats so amazing.