Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Update! 4 weeks 6 days ... 46... my fav #! ... Also, link to Dena's devotional blog entry for Mother's Day!

First of all... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I am happy that I can actually not feel so discouraged on this Mother's Day! This time last year, Shelly and Brandon's church Prayed over my Prayer cloth and mailed it to me just a few days later. I Pray that this time next year, I will be holding my precious baby! I thank God for my mother. She is the greatest mother in the entire world and is such a role model to me. I actually Praise God for all of my family and friends. Each of you mean the world to me!

I will definitely be Praying for all of my dear, sweet friends who are still traveling this road. My heart is with you. I still have the heart of an infertile and I always will. I am definitely not out of the woods either. Tomorrow, my Prayers will be with you even more so than usual. I love each of you dearly!

Quick post to update you... I went to UT today to have my levels checked. I thought it was only progesterone levels but she ended up checking both progesterone and HCG. My RE called me back tonight (she is really dedicated and thoughtful to call on a Sat. night) with the levels. My progesterone was 27 (FINALLY OVER 15!) and my HCG had moved up to 545 from 116 on Wed. and 29 on Sunday night. Praise the Lord! It worked out so well because I had started worrying today about my levels dropping or not being good and if I had have known that I had actually had them checked along with the progesterone this morning, I would have been nervous. God comforted me with that level increase when I least expected it! I just Pray (and ask that you continue to Pray as well) that the levels continue to double and that when we go for an ultrasound (not sure when yet), we will find a baby and a great heartbeat. Thanks for your sweet calls, emails, etc. I truly appreciate all of you more than you'll ever know! Praise Jesus for His blessings!

Much Love,

Ps. My sweet friend Dena has posted a devotion that she recieved for Mother's Day weekend on her blog. It is amazing! Please click here to check it out!

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What great news! I am so glad that they also checked the HCG even though you didn't know it. I'm glad you liked the devotional, it definitely was an encouragement to me. Have a great Mother's Day!


Great news! Woohoo! Oh honey girl! I'm so happy for you!

Find joy in every journey

I just have missed that you are pg!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Starr =)

Hey Miss Alesha, I was just browsing, and got on your myspace and got curious and sat here and read your last few blogs and just cried my eyes out! I've been prayin' for ya and will continue to do so! Congratulations sweetheart!


Hey, just wondering how you're doing. Hope everything is going well!