Monday, June 15, 2009

2nd OB Apt. (Friday June 12, 2009) 9 Weeks and 5 Days

I went back to the doctor on Friday. I had been nervous for days about making sure things would be OK with the baby. My mom was with me and she was sure that everything was fine. It was. I was so glad to have the opportunity for my mom to go because this has been a dream of hers for a long time as well. They actually did a quick, regular (meaning not a vaginal) ultrasound and the baby had grown so much. It looked like a little turtle to me ... awww... my very own little turtle. It was also kicking its little legs. Of course I couldn't feel it but it was really cool to see. I was in the room with an older ultrasound machine and it wouldn't print a picture but.... my beloved Blackberry came to the rescue and I took a snapshot of the screen which turned out really well. Here's baby Brittain-Goodlett:

It's head is on the right followed by arms and legs as you move to the left.

My doctor's nurse practitioner (who is really great) did my medical and genetic history. She asked if I wanted my mom to walk out and I said no. She reminded me that these questions were very personal and I told her I was OK with that. By the end, she told me that she could see why I didn't mind my mom sitting in on my answers because basically I had led a clean life. Praise God for His mercies and His strength that have led me to do just that. I Pray that my child will do just the same.

I was given a book entitled "Joy" which goes through everything about pregnancy and having a baby at UT. YAY! A NEW BOOK. I just love books. I was also scheduled for another appointment in 2 weeks (it was June 26 but I changed it to June 25 @ 10am so we can go camping the 26th) for a whole workup. I will have an exam, plus all the girly checkup stuff, and blood work to recheck my thyroid, to check my blood sugar, and a prescreening for cystic fibrosis and down syndrome. Please Pray that these tests (especially those prescreenings) come back normal and that the baby is healthy, if it be God's will.

After leaving the doctor's office, I headed to get lunch at my favorite... Japanese. After eating, I filled out a card for my RE and her staff and then stopped and got a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for them. I dropped that by along with some meds and I enjoyed letting them know how big of a blessing that they had been to me throughout this journey.

That night (I was exhausted), I went to my beloved friend Deanna's baby shower. Deanna and I have been going to the same doctors for over a year and we have been friends since childhood. She was the infertility success story I blogged about in December as she found out she was pregnant on December 12th. She is getting ready to have her twin baby girls: Emma Grace and Abigail Alene. They are actually due on my birthday August 21 though she probably won't go that long. Here is a picture from her shower that I stole from another childhood friend's album:

Pray for a safe delivery and healthy babies for Ms. Deanna as well. She is so excited!

God is so good... I'm gonna steal Elaine's signature verse because I feel that it truly applies to my situation as well as Deanna's and so many others. I was not counting on going to Deanna's shower even though I truly wanted to. I couldn't go to my friend Kim's shower a couple of months ago. Then I found out I was pregnant and a huge load was lifted off my shoulders.

I still think about my infertility. I still sit in Church and cry as I think about these past two years and what God has done in my situation. I still consider myself a survivor of infertility and that's why I am sharing all these updates on this blog. My story isn't over. I have a lot to still go through but with God, I truly believe that it will all be just fine (even if I do stress over it at times) and I truly believe that I will hold my baby later this year and cry as I see the miracle God has been orchestrating since my birth. He knew I would have the issues that I have. He made me that way. He gave me a unicornuate uterus and He gave me this precious soul that is growing in it and I praise Him for that. I trust that He knows best just as He has all along. And so the verse that Elaine shares so often definitely applies in my life as well:

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Much love,

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beth ewing

it does look like a turtle. hehe! i have one of miller that looks like a scary alien.

Jesse and Mandy Peterson

I can definitely see the turtle you mentioned. Sweet baby turtle! I'm glad things are going so well for you. I really believed God was going to work His miracle in you soon and I love seeing it come to fruition. I'm praying and believing for a safe and healthy pregnancy. And, even though it's easy for fears to arise, I learned early on to trust God through my pregnancy just as I trusted Him through my infertility. I'm so glad that you can now celebrate the births of other people's babies. I know the pain that showers can bring. And even after being pregnant, I still find myself thinking "it's not fair" that some other people have it so easily, but I have learned to take a step back and remember that God has a purpose in it all.

Treasure every day of your pregnancy. There will be hard times to come: aches and pains and sickness and exhaustion. But every bit of them are worth it when you continue to see the big picture. So, embrace them and love that little turtle with everything God gives you. He/She will see that example from you from birth and I believe that God will do mighty things in his/her life!


Praying for you and for all the upcoming tests.

I love "Elaine's" verse too!

Our Journey...

Yay! I love this cool. And happy anniversary to your blog!


How exciting, little turtle looks cute! I hope that you are able to relax a bit and just enjoy being pregnant.

Keeping you in my prayers :)

Hear My Cry

Glorious update!!! I remember each statement of faith you made and how you always stood, knowing God was going to bless your womb. It gives me chills and I admire that faith you have. I'm so proud of you. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you friend. Hugs

Jesus, My Best Friend

thanks guys! i love u guys dearly!