Saturday, August 29, 2009

20 weeks 3 day Apt. Update + Back 2 Work & New House

1 Peter 5: 6-8

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

7Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

8Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

What awesome verses in the midst of our infertility and pregnancy woes! So true that God has His perfect time and He waits for that perfect time because He cares for us! So true also that satan is always waiting in the wings to rip us apart. We need to make sure we keep our eyes on our Savior for our strength and our help against this foe.

So on Wednesday I went back to my OB for my 20.5 week apt. Things were looking a lot better for Baby Zoey. The membrane sac was apparently attached because the ultrasound tech couldn't see any place in the ultrasound that showed that it was unattached. There was still a small amount of blood but not enough to bother anything. The ARNP said that it may just be reabsorbing into my body. My cervix was about 3.4 cm. That was good. Shorter than last time but I read that it can go back and forth a bit and that anything above 3 is good. I was taken off modified bed rest and given the OK to head back to work. Here are the pictures that the tech printed after I reminded her. The first shows that Zoey is a girl (though it isn't as clear as the other views of this we have seen in previous weeks) and the second shows Zoey laying on her side.

My mom and I also spoke with the doctors about the Swine flu pandemic. They were concerned as well. They explained the precautions to take because I work in a school and that makes it easier for me to be exposed. My ARNP is actually putting off getting pregnant now until the first of the year so that she can take the H1N1 vaccine without having to be in her first trimester. I think this is all a bigger deal than most folks think. I keep hearing that it is all hype but I'm pretty sure that it's bigger than what most people think.

They also discussed me being exposed to Fifth's disease. I had heard of this before because my niece had it last year. Kindergartners pass it left and right (also other small kids at daycare, etc.). They ran a test on me to see if I had had it as a child. If so, I would be ok but if not I have to be aware of that also because it can cause problems for the baby. I asked if I would have known and she told me that probably not because a lot of times it goes unnoticed because sometimes there aren't any symptoms.

So, we had a good visit. I am shaken up with the Swine flu and Fifth's disease discussions but I am just Praying that God will keep me and my baby safe. Please join me in Prayer for the same thing.

I did go back to work on Thursday and I am adjusting ok. My feet and legs are swelling some from being up all day and I have to get use to doing that again. But all in all things are going good. I am teaching 4th, 5th, and Kindergarten music, a 3rd grade reading, and various grade levels for a tutoring class (it changes daily).

In other news... I have waited to share this until it's closer but WE ARE BUYING OUR FIRST HOUSE! We have gotten to the point before where we agreed on an offer so this time when we did I was afraid to mention it because it seems like something always falls through. Well this time, we have had an accepted offer on the same house that we were buying a couple of months ago but with a better price this time and with better loan options. It was a blessing that it didn't work out the first time. We have had the home inspection, the survey on the land (1.4 acre lot) and now we are awaiting the FHA appraisal. I have been packing (don't worry ... just sitting and sorting with my momma's help, while my brother and hubby lift boxes and things). We have a whole lot finished. We worked the Friday that we found out and the following Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We took a break on my birthday (Aug. 21) and started again this past Monday and Tuesday. A lot was accomplished in 6 days.... but it was in Creation time with God, too wasn't it? haha

Just continue to bathe us in your Prayers as we do the same for you! Much love to each of you!

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wow I didnt realize how close we are in our pregnancies. I wonder who will go first. LOL.

Yeah for your new house...that is so exciting.

I'm a bit concerned with H1N1 as well. Bug starts K tomorrow. There was a known case at hubbies work.


Our Journey...

Congrats on the house and happy belated birthday!

Continuing to pray for you and baby Zoey.


Congrats on the house!!