Sunday, September 13, 2009

22 weeks 3 days Appointment update ... A New Pic and a Surprise Video

So the appointment went well this week. Zoey was doing well. They finally got her final heart view captured. They said that everything looked great. Thank You Heavenly Father! Her heart rate was 142 (or 144 can't remember which) bpm. She weighs exactly one pound now. How precious! And I feel every ounce of that pound on my bladder daily haha. No complaints!

I truly do feel so blessed to be able to be pregnant and get to experience this life growing inside me. It is all that I thought it would be and more. I love feeling my baby girl kick and dance around inside my womb. I am not taking one second of it for granted because I know how big of a deal that it is. This has been my life long dream and God has blessed me to get to see it through... and I truly believe He will see it through until she's healthy and here in our arms. God is just too good to me.... and I am so unworthy of His grace and His mercies!

I do have a new ultrasound picture to share and another surprise to share. I received my fetal doppler from "Tiny Heartbeats" yesterday and I have enjoyed using it all day today. I wanted to figure out how to record the heartbeat so I set up my camera and recorded it that way. So... here's my lil Zoey Danielle's heartbeat. Enjoy!

P.s. I am still Praying for each of you.... Continue to keep us in your Prayers as well. One more thing... I am planning a baby shower... details to follow soon. Any advice from anyone is welcome!

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Our Journey...

Love this post! So excited for you!


Ohhhh that is the best sound in the world to hear! I'm so happy that she is healthy and doing real well!!! Praise God for baby Zoey!


I saw this pic on photobucket and I thought of you thought u might like to see it. So happy to hear the heartbeat!!!!!!

Hear My Cry

I'm so happy for you!


Such a great post! I"m so happy for you :-)


Hi SIS Nice update Really glad all is well.Again another female to come into the world to keep some man waiting.He He He. GOD Bless you three. Amen.