Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30.5 week appointment ... (Currently 32 weeks/8 months)

I'm so behind. I haven't even scanned the last 3 ultrasound pics and actually 2 of them I have put somewhere for safe keeping and can't figure out where I put them! OOOH WELLLL.... I'll get it all figured out!

I did go to the doctor for my 30.5 week appointment. Everything looked great! Zoey weighed 3lbs and 8 ozs. She's growing like a weed! My fFN test came back negative again which was great! 2 more weeks of no labor. Enjoyed talking with my ARNP there about all the soon to come stuff.

A few days after my appointment (Saturday to be exact) I started spotting just a small amount. Zoey was kicking so I knew she was ok but I still felt like I should call. The spotting was NOTHING major at all... just 2 little dots but still... better safe than sorry. So I called my doctor while I was right outside to the doors to relax and watch The Christmas Carol. He felt like I should come on in to be sure my cervix wasn't opening. And so we took off to Knoxville and I missed the movie : ( haha

We got there around 3:30pm and went straight to labor and delivery triage. I was hooked up to monitors and checked. Zoey was doing great and it was so great to hear her heart beating so loudly on the high tech doppler. After being checked, the resident said that I had a BV infection and possibly trying to get a kidney stone. I had quite a bit of blood cells in my urine that led them to think that... I think that's how she explained it. I was put on Flagyl and sent home.

The infection really clicked when I realized I had it because I had really felt bad at work the two days before. It honestly hurt to walk and there was extra pressure. I almost wondered if I was trying to go into labor despite what the test said. Apparently the BV infection was causing my extra pressure and pain.

I stayed home from church the next day and felt really rough. That evening I went to get into the shower and passed a glob of mucus. Sorry I know that's TMI but if you are reading you are probably TTC or a mom already and understand. I freaked out and called my friend Deanna. I thought it was my mucus plug (it very well could have been). Deanna said that it sounded like her story with hers. I tried to page my doctor but he couldn't be reached (I can always reach one of them usually) so they gave me to a resident. She told me to just monitor for contractions or water leakage. I still was worried so after I showered (and had Mike shave my legs because I couldn't reach them lol), I packed a couple of things for me and packed stuff for Zoey... just in case.

I called my doctor's office and left a message for my trusted ARNP that works with me and my 2 doctors. Before she could call back, I had passed another good sized glob. She told me to continue to monitor and that if I felt anything to head that way and they would hook me up to the monitors. Thankfully... I have been ok since then. Praise the Lord!

Zoey is moving still and I can feel her little butt up near my ribs at times. Sunday, I would rub on her and she'd respond by kicking back. We did this for like 10 minutes. So sweet! She also decides she wants in on the action when my family and I are talking... she starts moving around. I can't wait to meet her.

I am technically 8 months pregnant now! WOW! Hard to believe we are almost there! I am in love with this precious little one and growing more in love with her daily!

As far as feeling ok... I feel ok. lol I have a lot of lower pressure and it hurts to walk by the end of a work day. I have once again gotten another cold... so I am back on antibiotics (this time amoxicillin instead of Zpak) and Mucinex. I am still exhausted but doing a bit better with that. I had to work late 2 times last week... one of which was working 2 ball games after work. That took it's toll and left me with swollen feet and exhausted the next day. I'm still running to the bathroom all night (I never, ever did this before pregnancy) and if I am too sleepy to get up.. I am in pain by the time I actually do! But all in all, I'm doing great and I Praise God that He has blessed us to make it this far!

Tomorrow I head back to the doctor for my 32.5 week appointment. I'll keep you posted as to what we find out! Continue to Pray for us as we Pray for you!

Much love in Jesus!

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Our Journey...

Thanks for the update and I'm glad that everything is OK. Hope you feel better soon! ~ Dena


I am so happy for you, glad everything is going well. I will continue to pray for you and little Zoey (by the way I love the name!)


This was a wonderful update! I'm so excited for you. Praying all goes well and little Zoey hangs in there a little while longer!


Hi, I am diagnosed with MTHFR and have tried to conceive for 1.5 years. 3 Natural IUIs and 1 Clomid cycle did not work. Has your doctors said IUIs or Clomid wouldn't work... only IVF?