Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Story of Baby # 2! (Part 1)

So … I have not updated or told the story of baby number 2 yet. I am very behind (as I am sure I will be for the next few years). My problem is that I want to journal every little thing for me, more than anyone, to have to look back on. I have a written version so I may have to work on shortening my online version. Either way, here’s the story of baby number 2!

On July 19th I went to my ARNP to FINALLY have my thyroid checked. I was suppose to do this about 3 months after I had Zoey and instead I had waited 5 months longer. A few days later I went back for the results and found out that my thyroid was really, really out of whack. My ARNP asked me how I had any energy and I just shook my head. I guess I had just gotten use to being tired. She sent me straight to have an ultrasound on my thyroid to check the nodules that were found a few years before. I was scared too death and the tech wouldn’t really tell me anything (even though sometimes she does). That worried me.

I was all worried about finding out the results so I called off and on for a few days to see if they had came back. I then got caught up in some things and got my mind off of it. On July 29 (Thursday), I had an appointment with Zoey and was looking forward to the next day being void of anything to do so that I could swim and enjoy our last Friday off from school with my girl. However, I received a phone call from my boss stating that I needed to attend a meeting for training in the PEP program for PE at our school.

The next day was filled with tons of workouts and ways we could teach certain workouts to our students. We worked hard and we all left very tired. I, myself, was exhausted. I just thought it was from my thyroid problems so I went to pick up my Zoey from my mom’s and ended up napping with her on the couch for a bit. When I got up, I just couldn’t shake the tiredness. My mom told me that I really should take a test because I was about a week late (I thought anyway) and my beloved friend Misty had been telling me the same thing for a few days but I had been blowing it off. I got up to go to the bathroom and notice one of the cheap cassette pregnancy tests that my mom had had left over. (FYI… when my aunt tested positive for ovarian cancer, she also tested positive for pregnancy … so before my mom had the 2nd half of her hysterectomy this past May, she checked with a pregnancy test to see if anything was showing up that may mean something. ) Anyway, I decided to take the test for the heck of it because I had done that a few times over the past couple of months and it was always negative. I took the test and then went to get up from the toilet. Much to my surprise… IT WAS POSITIVE!

Now yes, I had seen a positive test before but NEVER before I knew I was pregnant. I always wondered what it would be like to just be late and then take a test and find out at home. Now I was getting that chance. God knew that I had always desired that and He was giving me that to cherish. I screamed, “MOM” and she knew as soon as she heard me scream what it was. She, of course, told my mamaw who she was on the phone with. My dad was holding Zoey and my brother was in the living room with them and they started questioning… “She’s pregnant?” Zoey got so excited because everyone else was excited that she started banging my dad in the head with her toy phone.

I called my husband at work (Richmond at the time) and he said "I knew it... you were grouchy."  Lol.  Too funny! 

Talk about crazy!  I was so in shock that you could have knocked me over with a feather!  More details to come ....

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Summer Jo

I have been waiting on this forever! I have been wanting to ask you, but I knew you would blog about it when you were ready so I just waited ;) I am so thrilled for you! Isn't it amazing how easy it happened for you the 2nd time!! I'm assuming b/c you had not mentioned it that you did not have to do all the medical stuff the 2nd time that you did the first time with Zoey.