Saturday, May 24, 2008


Good Afternoon,

This page is created and dedicated to my struggle with infertility over the past year. I had thought about creating this blog awhile back, but I had hoped that I wouldn't need to. After a complete infertility "meltdown" a few days ago and a sweet email from a friend stating that she was creating an infertility blog, I decided to join her and create my own.

Many of my regular readers on my main blog "Shine 4 Jesus" may not be interested in reading about this struggle. That's ok. If you want to keep up that's ok, too. Like others, this is mainly a therapeutic thing for me. I do Pray that it will be a blessing to others who are going through the same thing.

Like my main blog, this blog will be centered around Jesus. Why? Because He is first and foremost a priority in my life. Everything, including my infertility, centers around Him.

Like my friend Beth, I do have a few rules and they are almost verbatim to her rules. Why? Because we are both going through infertility and we both know exactly what bugs a person in our situation too death.

*** Therefore, please do not suggest that I need to just be patient and let God's will be done. I am being patient and I am waiting upon the Lord. That doesn't mean waiting is easy.
*** Do not suggest that it will happen when I forget about it. Sorry folks... I can't just forget about it. That would be like telling someone in school to be a doctor to just forget about wanting to be one and it will happen. Not likely.
*** Please don't tell me that God isn't ready to send me a child. This is obvious. I know God will send me a child when He sees fit but I don't need someone to emphasize that each time that I ask for prayer.
*** Please do not pretend to know exactly how I feel if you really don't.
*** Lastly, please do not discourage me. As I have said on my main blog, if you do not have something encouraging and uplifting to say... please hold your peace.

I am going to copy some posts from my main blog over here to start out that way all my infertility blogs will be together. Bear with me through this transition and through my trial.

Love in Jesus,

Alesha : )

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