Saturday, May 24, 2008

Catching you up... Pregnancy Thoughts That Parallel

Good Morning All,

I must first start off by saying, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SNOW DAYS! I have managed to get an extra 3 days off straight after Christmas break plus my weekend that's coming up. While being off, I have not spent as much time as I wanted blogging. I have been here there and everywhere with my family. I don't regret it though, because those are memories that I'll cherish forever.

My friend Kristi recently found out that she was pregnant with her fourth baby. Though I have not seen her in years, I know for a fact that she is a wonderful mother and so deserving of these precious souls. However, she has been facing a lot of morning sickness and really struggling with it. Her post yesterday reminds me a lot of my thoughts on trying to get pregnant. You can click here to read her post and then follow up below with my thoughts that parallel it.

I know how exactly how it feels, not with morning sickness, but with feeling so "envious" of those who aren't going through what you are. I have to work through that daily, too. My issue is that I feel that way towards folks who do not even want children, yet end up pregnant. It is a human thing. It's something I fight against all the time. And I often wonder, how can God bless me with a child if I can't get past my issues with others and their pregnancies. But...... our God is good. He knows that we (you, I, anyone else who has had a similar situation) do not really dislike these other people rather we are just hurting inside because we want it so badly for ourselves and we struggle with seeing why it can't be when we are trying our best to do God's will. And through the whole thing, not matter how hard it seems, God is teaching us something with each moment of the situation. And, I know for a fact, that when I do get a positive pregnancy test, I will be a whole lot more grateful than I would have been a month into trying. Not because my pregnancy is any more special than others who got pregnant fast, but because God saw me through that period of time that I felt like it wasn't going to happen. I thank God once again for knowing my "frame" and what it can handle! He's so good!

Ps. Could everyone please continue to help me pray for my precious friend and her sickness? She is worthy of our prayers! I love you Kristi and thank you for being YOU!


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