Saturday, July 5, 2008

*Sigh*.... Not this month

So I was so hoping that this was my month. I was even a day later than usual. I was almost convinced because of the way that I have been feeling. My family was almost convinced. I was so ill on our mini family vaca to Pigeon Forge for the 4th of July. But, once again, I'm not pregnant. And I was ok with that this morning. I am ok with that now. But, it seems like I'm just sort of numb to the idea this month. I feel mentally drained and I sort of feel like giving up on the whole idea. I do have my appointment at the end of the month but I was so hoping and Praying that I would get pregnant before I even had to go. And who knows, I just might. Just Pray for me dear friends.

3 Remarks:

Kim Grubbs

I'm sorry! I was so hoping it happened this month. But you have too look on the bright side. You have that appointment that will hopefully get you some answers. It will all work out, just don't give up!! Love

beth ewing

i got your comment and came directly over here to see. i am so sorry for you. and i completely understand the idea of quitting. remember to trust what you feel. you know better than anyone what you can take. i'm not suggesting quitting, but i'm just saying to keep paying attention to how you feel. and hang in there.

Dave & Elaine

So sorry to hear this. But I am so glad you have that appointment scheduled. Let us know how that goes!