Monday, July 21, 2008

Still Kickin'... no not a baby silly

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. So much has been going on....(check out my personal blog for info) Anyway, I have my appointment coming up in a little over a week, other than that things have been pretty quiet in my fertility life. I have been so blessed to have met so many folks through this blog. I met my blog friend Beth prior to beginning this blog. I found her through another friend, Ann's blog. Beth has been a great source of information and support through this my infertility situation. I have also met a few other folks who are from various parts of the US and who are experiencing the same thing. I encourage any of you who read this blog to PLEASE comment or email because I love hearing from you. It makes my day to get a message from someone else. We are, in our own way, creating our very own support group for each other. How cool is that? God Bless you all!!!

Ps. Let me not leave out my friends here who are so supportive and encouraging.... Kimmy (hehe), Tina, Momma, Jess, etc. I love you guys so much, too!!!

3 Remarks:


Ahhh! That is so sweet. I love you too and I feel blessed to have you as part of my life and support group.


Hi! I just ran across your blog while searching for others who are in the same situation as myself. It seems like we are so alone in the world. I really feel your pain. Please pray for me as I will also pray for you. The Lord does not fail. :)


Just found your blog. You are right about needing great support while facing infertility. My husband and I tried for nearly 8 years before we got pregnant with our son. In the waiting time we learned so much and God proved faithful time and time again. (We adopted 4 kids while waiting and can see now how God used this "waiting" time to draw us closer to Him and each other. Sorry for the long comment. When I read your blog it just brings me right back to all those feelings I experienced all those years. Praying for you.