Sunday, August 3, 2008

Infertility Update!

Hi guys,

I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday (after a tremendous amount of drama leading up to the appointment including taking my mom to the ER and staying until she got admitted). Michael went with me and we got there right on time. Dr. Harris was so nice. She sat down and talked with me for about 45 minutes. We went through my family history and my personal history. Just from what I told her, she felt as though it was PCOS causing the issues. Then she checked me out.

During the vaginal ultrasound she pointed out my ovaries and the "pearl like" chain of cysts around each of them. I have read that a thousand times on the PCOS websites! She then pointed out my uterus. She said that the lining was a little thin but that it was probably from the clomid.

So her main concern is tweaking my ovulation. She said that all the information pointed to PCOS and that we'd work on that and then go from there if that didn't work. So our game plan for this month is that I would start Femara 2.5 twice at night on days 3-7. The Femara doesn't have all the side effects that clomid has. (It was actually cheaper than my last clomid dosage... at Wal-Mart I got 10 pills for $15). I also will be taking an HCG shot in my hip when she instructs me to do so. (She guided me to an online pharmacy to order this one... $41) I will have an ultrasound on day 12 or 13 of my cycle to check my eggs. The HCG shot will make me release an egg. She taught us how to mix the powder and the liquid to create the shot. She also showed Michael exactly where to give it.

I knew that I had symptoms of PCOS and that Jeni, my midwife, had suspected it; however it was good to get a pretty sure confirmation. She told me that eventually my thyroid would probably stop working and my synthroid dosage would have to be upped at the point. It explains my sluggish thyroid, stray facial hair (which has driven me crazy my whole life! thank God for electrolysis), and having a hard time with losing weight, plus my infertility!

Top Prayer Requests At The Moment?

**That would be Prayer that my eggs will be of good quality and big enough when they do an ultrasound.

**That my midwife in Corbin will be able to work with me on the ultrasounds so that I don't have to travel 2 hours every time one is needed! (and that we can try to schedule these around work so that I don't have to miss a ton of days!)

**That this works!

Ps. My mom did get out of the hospital. We are pretty sure that she passed her kidney stone! Praise God! Always keep her in your Prayers as well!

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beth ewing

ok at least you know what is wrong and have a plan to tackle it. i have heard good things about femara. it's a bit stronger than the clomid but that is a good thing. it has a track record of working for girls who clomid doesn't do the trick for. are they going to use the IUI with all this or just use the HCG shot and then go the natural way?

Dave & Elaine

I'm sure it is a relief to finally know the cause. I too am curious if you will be doing an IUI along with the femara and hCG shot.

These Three Kings

Hello! so sorry to read about your struggle..all in all we serve a GOD who answers prayers!! I just wanted you to know I am adding a link to your blog on mine.. I am praying for you as well
Grace and peace to you!