Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Infertility Victory! Congrats Kim!

My lovely friend Kim, who teaches diagonally from me, has overcome the infertility woes again and is pregnant via In-Vitro. Kim had this done about 4 years ago and had her son Lucas who is a cutie.

She had it done again last August and unfortunately she lost her babies a few weeks later. But God has a perfect plan and I really feel like this is a part of it. Please Pray for the health of her and her 2 newly implanted embryos. I'll keep you updated!

Ps. Please Pray that my follicles are large enough this Tuesday when I go for my vaginal ultrasound appointment at 4 pm in Corbin. I really, really, really want this to be my month. I would absolutely love to be pregnant alongside my dear friend.

One more request, my good friend that I have grown up with and been friend with for years is also going through infertility. Deanna has been at this longer than I have. She just had IUI and unfortunately it didn't work this time. Please Pray for Deanna to be blessed with a child as well. She is such a wonderful person and she's been a good, Christian girl her entire life. Pray for her.

And as always, keep Praying for my blogger friend Beth, who was actually the inspiration for this blog.

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Thank you so much for being here for me throughout all of this. I know your victory, as well as Deanna's and Beth's, is right around the corner. And it trully will be a victory! As you said God's plan is a perfect plan!

beth ewing

you're such a sweet friend to be so excited for others even though your time hasn't come yet. but it will. i'll be praying for you this month. let us know how it goes.