Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When NonChristians Get Pregnant....

Here's something for you to read... It's an article about former porn star Jenna Jameson who has gotten pregnant. Now, don't get me wrong, it seems like that she has been through quite a bit according to this article. And yes, it has been rumored on the entertainment circuit that she is looking to change the world's perception of her lifestyle as a porn star. However, it is still hard to believe that this woman who has defiled herself and made tons of money from selling her body, is housing a precious little child. I know that there is a plan and a reason for this and all pregnancies and I thank God for them, but my fleshly side does sit back and wonder how it can be. Possibly this child will grow up to lead his/her mother to Christ or maybe just the blessing of having this child will open her eyes. I sure hope so! But as for me, I know that God is in my infertility and that there is a reason, one of which is meeting all of you wonderful ladies. You are all such support to me and I thank and love each of you! God Bless!!!

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((((Alesha)))) I am so blessed to have *met* you. Tonight you are in my prayers.

beth ewing

i really wish we could know the answer to why something like this happens. you're right...God is in our infertility and we just have to trust that. but that's not easy for our earthly side.

Hear My Cry

Hey Alesha what mg of Ovidrel is your shot? I suppose I should ask is your shot Ovidrel? Mine is 0.25mg. I was thinking that was really low??

Jesus, My Best Friend


actually mine isn't called that. it is just referred to as the HCG shot. they never told me an actual name. i had to mix powder and a liquid before letting my hubby give it. it was 1,000 mg i think. i hope that helps.


Hear My Cry

Ok, my shot was pre mixed for me. So I may just stick with what I'm getting. Thanks Alesha!