Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing ....

So, last night I was pretty positive I was going to start my period by morning. I am still waiting. I haven't been cramping much today anymore. If I do not start by morning, I will be heading out to take a blood test. This will be the first blood test that I've actually had because so far I have always started before it is time for the test. Please Pray really hard for me. I feel like I am so close that I can taste it but I know that God knows what is best. I trust Him no matter what tonight or tomorrow might bring. I know He has a precious child (children) waiting for me... just me. My very own children! No one else's kids... my very own! That's just an amazing thought to me. Please Pray for Baby Brittain-Goodlett's existence to be made known soon.

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Sending you lots of sticky, positive vibes and buckets of baby dust. I am praying this is your month.

Can't wait for your update!!

beth ewing

this is such happy news! praying hard for you girl.

Jim and April excited and hoping you'll get some beta HCG's in your blood count! now since I am new to your story...did you do a natural cycle or did you have something done?


I've been following you for awhile. Good luck! You deserve all of the best and I'm praying that this is your month!!

Jesus, My Best Friend

thanks guys.... jim and april.... it was an iui and thanks for the comment....thanks staci, my beth, and teresa!