Thursday, October 16, 2008

Progesterone Levels For October

My progesterone level was 31 and my doctor said that it was a really good level. I'm glad though I wonder if that means I didn't release all my eggs. Anyone know? Anyway, I am asking for your continued Prayer for the next few days. I have been holding tight to my Faith this past week and I'm still trying my best. Please Pray for me really diligently from now until Wed. Pray that if it is God's will I will not start my period as I usually do before I get the chance to take my pregnancy test. Please Pray that I'll get positive results if God will allow it. And please Pray that if God does not desire for us to get pregnant this month that He will just carry me through the hurt and disappointment as well as through planning and dealing with the next steps. Thanks guys! I love each of you!

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Praying Alesha!

beth ewing

from my research, your progesterone levels CAN indicate how many eggs you dropped but they don't necessarily have to. your hCG levels will be a better indicator of how many babies (or eggs). praying for you girl.


Praying for you!!! I'm so hopeful!

Jim and April

hey! Just found you from another girls site...hope you dont mind if I add you to my blogroll! April :0)