Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Faith Undies

I know this will sound goofy mentioned before I am trying to be positive and have total Faith and Trust in my Savior with this situation. So........ I have 2 pairs of underwear that have pregnancy sayings on them. They aren't for pregnant women that are very far along, just cutesy ones for I guess when you first find out. Anyway, I found them really cheap about a year or so ago and I bought them. So, I've been waiting to wear them forever. I was getting ready yesterday and decided that I was going to wear a pair to continue to have Faith. I know that sounds so funny but I did. I wore the pair that had "Mommy-To-Be" on them. And it was like my little statement of Faith to God that I believe He has blessed us with a child this month if it has been in His will. So funny, yet so positive for me. Those were off limits but I felt the need to wear them because with God this can be possible and I need to make sure that my entire being knows that as much as my heart does!

Ps. Keep Praying for me!

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So cute!


I love this post! I am so glad you wore them with pride. You ARE a mommy to be. Keeping my fingers crossed that it happens this month for you!



You go girl! I'm with you all the way! Wooohooo! Big hugs and much love!


Wow...Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

keep up ur faith


Jesus, My Best Friend

thanks dahlings! i love you guys!


Not goofy at all!

I bought two little baby toys Friday - an act of faith.

I'm making a knitted faith blanket too (had to put it aside as my carpal tunnet said I needed a break)

Elaine's Mama