Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Phone Call

So... I got a phone call tonight from my best friend in high school. We hadn't talked in so long other than a few texts here and there. She called and asked how I was and when I asked how she was she replied, "I'm Pregnant." I was in shock and she was, too. But I can honestly say that I was happy for her.

I am trying to have as much FAITH as possible this month. I told God this morning that I was not going to doubt or let myself talk as though it couldn't be this month. Now, I'm not going to go around talking to everyone about it but I am going to quietly encourage myself and tell myself that this is the month because I know God is faithful and that it just really is my month if that's what His will has in store. Just keep me in your Prayers. Also, I thought it would be neat to hear from you. Here's a question that I'm sure we've all analyzed a time or two (or 100)...

question... what was your first symptom and when did it start?

Love, Prayers, and Baby Dust to each of you!

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Hear My Cry

Hey friend! I've been reading just not posting. I'm praying this is your month and that the Lord bless you with multiples with all of those follies! Hee hee. I love you much. I can't wait to hear you say those words, "I'm pregnant!"

beth ewing

i didn't have symptoms until about 6 weeks my first pregnancy. this time i had them at 3 weeks and i was tired, hungry and a bit nauseated. but remember that some people don't have symptoms.