Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr. Licciardi Commented On My UU

I posted the situation on Dr. Licciardi's blog and he replied. Click the link above to see his response. It was short but made me feel good. Thanks for your continued Prayers!

"Jesus my best friend has a unicornuate uterus with an open tube, and was encouraged to try on her own. It sounds like a good plan to me."

4 Remarks:

Jim and April

praying for guidance and direction and wisdom for you to know what to do!

Dave and Elaine

Awesome news ... to be able to just try on your own and not have to worry with shots, doctor visits, ultrasounds, ect...

Praying for God to show you clear direction and peace about what He would have you do!

Jesus, My Best Friend

well... i'll still have to take meds and shots because of my PCOS... but hopefully i can get pregnant without doing more iui's or anything.

Dave and Elaine

Ok - I need some encouragement.
How long did it take for all the air they pump in you during surgery to be totally out of your body? And how long were you sore? How long was it before you were completely back to normal? I know you told me you bled for 5 days. Thanks for telling me that. I would be worried because I am still bleeding a little bit. Looking forward to your response. Here's my email if you just want to use email: