Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warning!!!! Post Op Update... Including Pics.... Not For The Squimish!

Today I went to see my doctor for my post op visit. I was suppose to go on Thursday but since she will be assisting another doctor in surgery, they called and rescheduled me for today. I was there at 9am and went back at about 9:30. The first thing that she did was show me my pictures. WOW! How interesting! My husband was a little bit nervous about looking at pictures of my insides but he realized that my mom was right when she said that it was definitely not blood and gore. It is actually pretty cool. How many women can say that they know what their ovaries, tubes, and uterus looks like? Only those of us who have had laproscopic surgery to find out. What a bond we share girls!

So.... the doctor first pointed out my uterus. She compared it to a photo of a normal uterus. My uterus (when the picture is taken from the inside) looks like a tube whereas those of you with a normal uterus would show up as a triangle. I asked if she had seen a lot of women with my condition and she said yes and that they had had children. Encouraging! She also told me again that most women do not even know until they go into labor early and the baby is breech.

She then pointed out a bit of scar tissue on my bowel (which had nothing to do with all this except for the fact that it was in the way) and on my tube. I stiffened up a bit when she pointed the scarring on my tube but it was nothing major and was not located near the fingers of the tube which could damage them so severely that the only route would be In vitro (right Kim?) She then pointed out that my left tube (the one I need to get pregnant off of) had 2 cysts that she removed. She said that when the cysts get larger, they weigh the tube down and cause it to pull away from the ovary. So she fixed that as well. Lastly, she pointed out the endometriosis on my right and left ovary. There wasn't much there at all but she removed it because any of it can cause problems when trying to get pregnant.

Lastly, we walked back to the front lab area and discussed meds for the next cycles (hopefully only 1). She told me that she wanted me pregnant in the next 6 months before the endometriosis could return and that in order to do that we needed to make sure my left ovary was producing eggs each month. So we will start out with the Femara that I had been taking to see what happens. If that doesn't work she said that we would move straight back to the Clomid (I was unmonitored on it before when I was at Corbin so I have no idea if I ovulated or not), and finally if I am still having issues with getting my left side to produce eggs, we would move to injectibles. She told me that the rate of twins would be 25% with the injectibles and that she really wanted me to have a singleton (1 baby) but if we had to go that route to get pregnant, we would. She doesn't want me to have to deal with the endometriosis slowing me down or stopping me from conceiving.

So..... I am sort of excited..... a bit nervous.... and very ready to get this show on the road. This month when I see red I will be beyond excited to start trying again. Though I have enjoyed taking this cycle off to find out what I needed to know and to be able to have tests run on my kidney and take meds for this crazy cold (finally!), I am ready to get back on track.

Speaking of my kidneys... I did find out Monday, via ultrasound, that I do indeed have 2. That's wonderful! We still have to check their function to ensure that they are working correctly but my doctor here at home thinks that it will turn out fine because of my prior blood work results over the past year. I have to have a CT scan done on Wed. November 19 to check that out.

I think that's about it besides these lovely pictures I am revealing HAHA! Please continue to Pray for me. Pray for these needs:

1. God will send me a child/children when He sees fit. He knows the right month and He isn't on the time frame that we are.
2. Continue to Pray for my mental well being.... it is still a daily struggle.... a cross that I bear daily to live in the life among children and pregnant folks that I love so dearly and to not be able to join them or provide them someone to play with yet.
3. That God will let me find out about my kidneys and that everything will turn out ok.
4. Continue Praying for my dear friend Beth. And add another friend who's name I won't mention to your list. She is facing a very difficult battle that goes beyond infertility.

P.s. Congrats to one of my Besties Ms. Kimmy.... AKA Kim (that I work with). She found out this morning that she is having a baby boy. I am sure Lucas will love that. He'll have a partner in crime!

Now for the Pics:
(I hope you can see her handwriting. She made notes as to all the things I talked about above. You can click the pics to make them larger.)

This first set of pics shows my bowl scar, the left and only side of my uterus, and endometriosis on my right ovary.
The second set of pics show the small amount of scar tissue on my tube, the 2 cysts on my tube and the end of my tube. They also show the endometriosis on my left ovary and the blue stuff at the bottom of the tube in the last shot shows that my left tube is indeed open. Praise God for that!

This last set of pics show the view from inside my uterus. Notice the tube like look.

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Really great news!I'm happy to hear that the surgery went well. I thought the pics were neat not at all gross! Thanks for sharing. I will be praying for you and your future baby.


This post was so uplifting! Girl! I'm so excited for you too! I just know its getting ready to come together!!! Big hugs and I look forward to reading more about your journey!

Dave and Elaine

Very interesting pictures! I can't wait to see mine at my post-op! This is wonderful news for you! God is still at work - in both of us! I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you (and me) in the near future!


I am so happy that you stopped by my blog and that you mentioned that you also have a UU. I'm sorry that you got this news of having a UU - but am also delighted to meet another person who shares a wacky uterus like myself! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that it will not be long before you are holding your little one in your arms as well. It has been a long journey for my husband and I and a rough pregnancy, but it is so worth it in the end. And on top of that - we now have an amazing healthy baby girl. I also know of many UU girls who have had absolutely no complications at all - so find hope in that as well :-) Please feel free to stop by and ask any questions or just for an ear to listen when you have questions or just need to vent. All of us UU gals need to stick together. And welcome to blogland again!