Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick Request

My mother-in-law has to have a D&C done next Thursday to remove a large, uterine polyp. The doctor said that her lining was really thick as well. She asked if it were cancerous what would happen... the doctor said that they weren't gonna think about it being cancer because she had seen enough cancer in December. My MIL asked again what if it were and the doctor said that she would know when she saw it and that they would go from there. So of course the whole family is worried about cancer because her mother died of ovarian cancer (what my aunt has). Anyway, do any of you know anyone who have had polyps in their uterus? Please Pray for our family and for my MIL as she prepares to go through this. Love to you all!

Ps. I can feel your Prayers. I am so blessed to have such a loving Heavenly Father who knows everything and can see what I can't. I am also so blessed that He has shared His other children with me .... you guys! I love you all!

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Praying. I miss hearing from you! Hugs!


Sending lots of prayers your way and for you MIL. Isn't it just the best to know that there are others out there praying for you when you need it the most even though we've never met? It literally warms my heart and I hope you feel a tad bit of the same ((hugs))

beth ewing

praying for your family girl. my family went through a couple of years of everyone getting cancer and i pray that is not the case for your family. let us know what you find out.

Jesus, My Best Friend

thanx guys! i love u guys!


Have you read the Red Stain lately? I had been updating it again and I think everyone has forgotten it was there! :)

Thanks for stopping by JJ's.

Big hugs!

Hear My Cry

Hey girl. Just checking back in to say I'm praying for you. Hugs