Saturday, February 28, 2009

CD 26 --- God Is Bigger Than Infertility

Just a quick note. It is day 26 in this 4th cycle since surgery. I had my progesterone checked yesterday but I will not find out the results until Monday or Tuesday. This time last cycle, my CD 26 became CD1 as I started my period. No red stain yet, though I continue to keep checking. I am slightly cramping but not as badly as usual. My lower back is aching something awful this morning and I've been up since 6:30am because I went to bed at 5:50pm yesterday! Please continue to Pray that Michael and I, along with our families and tons of friends, will be able to experience the wonderful news of an impending baby in our future, if that is possible in God's will.

I have had a really, really hard week at work as well as waking up daily thinking that I have started. I have not received my next round of meds in the mail yet, so keep that in your Prayers as well. Am I doubting God? No. But I have to be prepared in case I need those meds. Prayerfully, I won't!

Beyond anything, my Heavenly Father is still an amazing Father no matter what the outcome is with this cycle. I have said that all along and will continue to do so even if I never conceive. If that is His will, someway, somehow He will carry me through the difficulty of it. I can't even comprehend that right now and I truly do not believe in my heart that it is His will that I don't conceive. I have had too many confirmations. There have been too many Christians who have been Praying day in and day out and they, too, have had confirmations. The best thing about today is the fact that I know that MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN INFERTILITY! I am so thankful for that.