Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 11 update

Today I went back to my RE for another ultrasound. My eggs were growing still and the right side was still not ahead of my good, left side. Other than that nothing really was different. She didn't check my Estradiol levels this time but will when I return on Sunday morning at 7:15 for another ultrasound.

Here's a major Prayer request for you.... my estradiol level of 62 was, in my RE's words, "a little low." I've been trying to read and learn about all that and I am learning a bit but it is kind of scaring me somewhat. Those of you who know me know that I am the most major worrywart in the entire world (and I am trying to overcome this but it is a daily battle... my pastor is helping with a series of messages on "worry"). I'm not sure what all this means and it was so busy in her office this morning I didn't really get to converse with her much about it. I am so mentally exhausted with the thoughts of this level meaning something not so good. I need you Christians to Pray so hard!!! Please... PRAY that those levels INCREASE on Sunday! I feel like God has brought me so far... and I really believe He'll see me through but I have satan here on my shoulder telling me that those levels may mean bad things for this cycle and any future cycles. Pray that God will defy this if it is His will.

All week as I have been on the road, I have listened to a cd by Soldiers Of The Cross entitled "Have You Been To Calvary?" This gospel group consists of the parents of one of my students and one of their married couple friends. Ethan, my student, brought me this wrapped in Valentine's Day paper on Tuesday and I was thrilled to listen to it. It is wonderful! The 2 songs that I have listened to over and over to get me through this week are "He's An On Time God" and "Lord Keep Me In Your Will." These are the two main themes of my heart this week. I realize that I have an uphill climb but that I have a Father who is strong enough to carry me up the mountain. I know He does everything on time and in His will.

This week has been jammed packed with doctor's appointments, work, shots, tons of driving, speaking to my First Priority group, Church, Chiropractor visit, tutoring and reading (which I am trying to rediscover because of my love for it as a young adult and child). It has been so hard mentally and physically to make it until tonight... Friday night. I thank God for seeing me through this week and for blessing me as He has so richly done. Please just Pray for me as I continue to go through this storm... May God receive all the glory for my life and my situation.

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Thanks for taking the time to update. I will be praying for your estradiol levels, conception, and the grace that you need to get through this storm victoriously.

Love alicia