Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 9 update

So... I had an early morning today. I was up at 5 and out the door by 5:30 to head to my doctor. She checked my estradiol levels and they were 62... she wants them to continue to increase to 200. I had 3-4 eggs on my good side a few on the other side. She said that it was good that the other side didn't have any eggs larger than my good side. I have to go back again on Friday to get another ultrasound. Please Pray that these eggs continue to mature and that they continue to grow in size as well. I have to continue my 2 amps of HMG with 1cc of fluid today and tomorrow and then she'll tell me where to go from there next.

Michael's friend from work called him today and shared with him that he had had us on his heart last night. He said he felt extremely burdened for us and Prayed very hard for us last night. The funny thing, actually the "God" thing, was that Michael hadn't even talked to David about it in months and he had no idea I was heading to the doctor today. I'm so thankful to have so many good friends out there that are burdened for us. That's truly a blessing. It's great to know that so many folks are interceding on our behalf. That's why I love my friends at work so much... they are always so faithful in their Prayers. The same goes for my most wonderful, awesome blogger pals. Talk about encouragement.

I will keep you posted... just keep on Praying. God's listening and I'm feeling your Prayers!

love to you all...

Alesha :D

Ps. Does anyone know a lot about the Estradiol levels?