Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shots....... Shots......... Shots

So... they arrived. I had cycle day 1 on Tuesday and my shots arrived Wednesday evening though I didn't get to pick them up at the post office until Thursday, the day I had to start them. I set aside 5pm daily to take them. I'm already tired of mixing my 2 amps of powder with 1 cc of fluid. And since they are from Europe the packaging is so cool. Instead of rubber tops, these are glass and you have to just break the glass off to mix. It's actually easier to me because you don't have to tilt the vials like you do with the USA ones.

The doctor has me scheduled for my first ultrasound (they monitor more closely when it is a straight injectible cycle) on Wednesday at 8:15am. I hope that I have tons of eggs growing on my left. Pray that I do. I Pray that this will all be over soon so that I can move to the next stage of my life... having my very own child.

I know I have said it before but I can't wait to have a child that I can let God use my hands to mold and shape. I want it's life to glorify God in as many ways as possible and I need someone to sing along to my WoW cd's in the car with me since no one else will. How precious! Please keep Praying for me and my little miracle. And in advance.... thank You Heavenly Father for my precious child that You intimately know even at this very moment.

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Jim and April

oh how I hope for you and me and all of us that someday hopefully soon we will be given the beautiful chance of being mothers....i loved your heartfelt post about how you long to be a mother and i hope all your shots and ultrasounds go well and that soon you'll get a BFP!

Jesus, My Best Friend

thanks so much!!!


Praying for multiple, healthy, receptive eggs!!!!!

beth ewing

girl this just breaks my heart. you are going to be an amazing mom. praying it all starts this month.


I am saying a little prayer for you right now. I so want this cycle to work for you...I'm always here to listen!


Here's hoping (and praying!) that all goes well for you, friend. Keep us posted!