Wednesday, March 11, 2009

God's Will ... CD 10 Month 5 after surgery

Hi guys:

Well... we all Prayed for God's will (which we always do) and His will for me today was to have 3-4 really good eggs on my good side. Praise His name! He is much better to me than I deserve. The doctor said that this month looks really promising. She said my eggs seemed to be moving much faster than last month and my estradiol levels came back at 282 at CD 10. Last month on CD 9 my levels were 82. This is a big improvement. I go back on Friday for another ultrasound and then she'll let me know when the insemination will be. Continue to Pray for this cycle.

There was one concern that she had dealing with the fact that my odds for triplets is increased this month. She said that my uterus couldn't hold triplets and that if I got pregnant with them, my high risk OB would bring up the reduction issue in order to save 2 of them. The main reason is because my uterus will want to contract when it feels full (like a normal one would with a baby at full term) and the more babies, the sooner that is. She said that with 3 it would probably be around 20 weeks which would mean they would all be born then and that is too early to save them. She said that it may not even happen but it was a possibility. I told her I just didn't know how I could do that. I honestly don't want to be in that situation but in my situation this is the sort of cycle we have been trying to achieve which automatically puts me at those risks. Just Pray for God to bless me with what He would see fit. Pray that if it is His will for a precious baby to come into my life this month, that this situation would be something I wouldn't have to be in. I know He knows what's best.

Love to each of you!

Ps. Thanks for your Prayers for me, my family and my aunt!

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I'm just so excited to hear about this! Praise His Name. I will be praying for you and that baby :)


Praying that this is your month. Things sound very promising!!

beth ewing

we just have to believe that God will take care of you no matter what the outcome of this cycle. and i know He will.


Still praying for you. I can't tell you how many times when we did our IUI cycles I was terrified I'd get pregnant with some high order multiple and the doc would want us to reduce. I kept thinking... I would rather not be pregnant at all than have to do that. As crazy as that sounds. Twins okay, but more...well us UUers understand. ((Hugs))