Thursday, July 30, 2009

16 week 3 day Dr. Apt

I went back to the doctor yesterday to be reevaluated with the placenta previa. The good news is that the baby was ok. They still think it's a girl and told me that we would confirm it at 20 weeks for sure. The placenta had moved, how much I am not sure, but they said that the ultrasound report called it low lying now so that's a good thing I think. Of course I'll be researching that in the next few days ... those of you who know me know that I research quite a bit.

They were a bit concerned about the membrane sack not attaching to the uterine wall. The doctor said that when I pass the blood clot it should attach back. So I really need to pass this clot... and I have been passing small pieces for 2 weeks. Since Tuesday, I have been passing larger pieces and actually this morning I passed the biggest piece so far. I've never passed large clots before and it is such a strange feeling. I also had passed the biggest piece that I had passed up until that appointment yesterday at 5:30am before I got ready to go. So I am Praying that whatever is left just keeps passing and that the membranes will reattatch. I also had the Quad Screening that they do automatically on all patients to check for placenta functioning, Downs Syndrome, and Spina Bifida. Also, my TSH (Thyroid) was checked again and as of this morning it came back well.

They did decide to keep me on modified bed rest for another 2 weeks so I will not be returning to work this week for the first day of school. That's really weird to me because I've never been in that situation. But I think my boss and I have it covered. She's been so good to me throughout the infertility and pregnancy and I praise God for her. I am not overly worried about work because I feel like it will all be ok and that it will be taken care of. Of course I worry some but this baby is my number one priority and I am just concerned about making sure that it gets here safe and healthy and hopefully later rather than sooner.

By the way... here are the latest ultrasound pictures. They are harder for me to figure out than those last two but the first shows the baby laying face up... it's profile and the second shows it laying on it's belly face down with its butt in the air. Precious!

So.. let me beg once again for my precious Prayer warrior friends to Pray for these things. Pray that the clot is passed, the membranes fuse back, and that the Quad screening comes back well. Pray that the baby will be safe and snug in my womb and will stay in there for as long as is possible so that it will be healthy. Just Pray, Pray, Pray for God's will.

By the way, I have had a lot of you guys on my mind. I am still Praying for each of my friends who are still awaiting a child. I haven't forgotten you nor will I forget you. And just as I told my best friend from college yesterday, I truly do feel that God will make a way. I haven't a clue how or when or what it will take but He will make a way for each of you. I love you and am Praying daily for you. Please know that if you don't hear from me, I am still thinking and Praying for your situation!

Much Love,

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WoW! Its so neat to see your baby growing and being knit together by God's loving hand! I'm praying for you and your baby, praise God that every thing is looking good :)

God bless!

Our Journey...

Thanks for the update. Praying for you and your sweet baby!


i'm praying for you! =)

Hear My Cry~Jenileigh

I love you and your precious heart. I can see the baby well in this sonogram picture! I'm lifting you up in prayer. Big hugs friend!


I followed your link from another friend's blog. I too am suffering through infertility. It's been a long 10 years for us. We've lost several babies in the process. I'll add you and baby to my prayer list.


Lots of prayers coming your way...I love seeing the ultrasound pic!

Our Journey...

You better believe I will keep praying... I can't imagine what you are going through. I think I would be a nervous wreck. Hang in there!


I've been nominated for my first blog award! Now I'm nominating you and passing along the award since I follow your blog! ;) Come by my blog and receive your award!


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.