Monday, August 10, 2009

Quad Screen Results

I should have posted this last week but I am just now getting around to it. The results of my quad screen were OK. The Spina Bifida came back OK but the Downs Syndrome was slightly increased risk. My risk was 1/240 compared to 1/866 for women my age. She said it in no way meant that my baby had Downs Syndrome, just that it was a slight increase in the risk factors according to my blood work. I was really upset at first because I Pray that this baby is healthy but I felt better when I crunched the numbers and realized that it's a 0.4% chance. Don't get me wrong... I will love this baby no matter what, I just hate to see it have to go through even more especially since it will probably be a preemie.

My placenta was working at a 2.2 and they said they didn't flag it as a problem unless it was 2.5 or higher. That was still pretty close to me, so I'm curious as to what they'll say about it. This was the main thing I wanted from the test since I've had placenta problems already.

I go Wednesday at 10am for my 18.5 week ultrasound. This one will be the anatomy (as long as the baby is big enough and it should be) and they will also look for markers for Downs Syndrome to hopefully lower my risk. I also will hopefully see that the membrane sac is attached and that the blood clot is gone. I will be talking with the genetic counselor as well and hopefully they'll confirm the baby's sex.

A lot of stuff will be going on at this appointment. Please keep us in your Prayers, as I know you do, and Pray for lots of healthy, good baby news. God is good as He has been throughout this entire pregnancy and pre-pregnancy phase. I truly feel that His hand is upon this precious, little soul!

Love to each of you from the bottom of my heart!

Ps. I think I've felt the baby move but I'm not sure. I can't distinguish if it's really the baby or just stomach issues.

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Our Journey...

Thanks for the update. Praying for you and your baby!

beth ewing

of course you can't just have an easy and uneventful pregnancy. what a story you'll have for this precious little baby. praying all goes well at your appt.

Estep Family

will continue to pray for you & your little one!