Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Mother's Day! (Well technically 2nd)

Happy 1st Mother's Day to me and all the new mommies out there!  I feel so blessed to be able to hold my precious baby girl in my arms this Mother's Day and feel the joy that she brings into my life!  There is nothing like her and I can't remember what I did before her.  The picture above is our tradition.  Zoey and I have shared Eskimo kisses since she was in the NICU and they are so special to me.  It's hard to keep her still long enough to get a few now but I still manage to : )  Some of our best times are those when we are just hanging around the house. We have the best time playing, reading books, watching Care Bears, etc.  She is the sweetest child ever : )

I spent my first Mother's day in church last year as a newly pregnant gal.  No Zoey wasn't born but yes I was still a mother.  I had waited for that day for years and it was finally a reality.  I didn't go up with the rest of the mothers in church because still a lot of people didn't really know and I figured I'd wait until I had Zoey to take up with me this year.  This year was my first actual Mother's Day with Zoey in my arms!  It was great!  She looked so pretty.

We got up and got ready for church that morning.  Daddy took a couple of pictures and we were on our way.  At church we had to walk up front with all the other mom's (including my momma) and receive a book about being a Christian mother.  It was such a sweet gift from our church.  Zoey then got a bit restless because she was so sleepy but she is so nosey that she wanted to look around to see what was going on in church.  I ended up taking her out for about 15 minutes into a dark Sunday school room to get her to sleep and then we went back in so I could hear the sermon.

As we were leaving church, a middle-aged couple behind us were telling us how pretty Zoey is.  The lady said, "My husband said that she is so pretty that she looks like she's been bought in the toys at Toys' R' Us.  She looks like a Cabbage Patch doll or something.  I wish our son would have us a grandbaby and that it would look just like her!"  It was so sweet!  Later the next day my cousin made a similar comment and hadn't even heard the story of what these folks had said.  We took the Cabbage Patch thing as a compliment because I loved my CPK dolls when I was a kid and it's cool to think I have a live one!  HAHA

We went to Ryan's steakhouse after church and enjoyed dinner.  It was SOOO crowded and of course it would be because of Mother's day.  Zoey tried some mashed potatoes and gravy and a taste or two of chocolate ice cream.  She likes food.  So far all she's had a taste of is mashed potatoes, chocolate/vanilla ice cream, fudgesicle, sherbert, and pizza sauce.  lol  That last one is my idea.  Not a really spice sauce I promise!  But she has enjoyed it all and only had just barely a few little, tiny tastes of each.

Anyway... after dinner we came home with every intention of going back to church that night.  We didn't make it because she and I fell asleep and slept all evening.  It was very relaxing though.  I seem to be dragging a whole lot now that it's the end of the school year.  I just stay so tired from being on the go so much.

I sat here and looked at her and was just amazed that she is my baby.  She came from my body.  She has my family and my husband's family in her.  I remember everything about her growing inside and I remember what it felt like to have her and to hold her the first time.  I am not crazy.  Obviously I have known the whole time that she is my baby but it's like it hit me again that she is my little baby.  The little baby that I have wanted for so long!  And I felt even more blessed all over again.

I also feel very blessed that God has given me such an awesome mom myself.  I have learned all my tricks from her.  She is the best mom in the world and if I can just be half the Christian mom that she has been, I will feel like I'm doing ok.  She is STILL there for me when I need anything.  She loves my girl and me so much.  I wish I'd have gotten a picture of us all 3 on Mother's day but it got so busy that I didn't but we are having some done in a few weeks so I'll post those when we get them.  Praise God for my precious momma and Praise God for my precious daughter!

Also on my mind that day was my dear friends who are still going through infertility.  I want each of you to know that I Pray for you and think of you often.  I know that God answers Prayer and I am still holding on to those Prayers for you.  Keep holding on even though it is so hard all the time!  I will never forget that longing nor will I forget the walk! 

Zoey and I waiting in the well-baby room at the doctor before her 4 month shots : (
Zoey and momma hanging out at home on our bed.
Zoey with her fav person... her bff Mamaw!
My girl asleep under one of her "I love Mommy!" blankets!

Ps.  I forgot to mention my gifts from my family.  My mom wanted to order my something special and she did so in this locket!  It is beautiful!  It has Zoey's birthstone, Zoey's full name, a place for her pictures, and it's in the beautiful key shape (which I love)! 

My mother's day gift from my wonderful mom! 

My mother's day gift from my hubby!  He actually used his Clayton Bucks on it for me!  I have the red with a spiffy camera bag, extra memory card, mini tripod and software.  I had broken my previous camera and could never find another on HSN. 

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zoey is beautiful! I love her little headbands. It's so good to hear from you. I remember when we worked for Upward Bound you told me about the Carebears stuff you had started to collect, have you started using it? I think it's so cool! =) We live in VA Beach now. We've been here for a little over 2months. My husband & I are youth pastors at a church down here. I'm looking for a job in my degree also (social work), so prayers are welcome that I find one soon! =) lol Have a nice & relaxing Sunday evening.


She is so precious! Makes my heart melt to look at her. Congratulations on your first mother's day with you little girl in your arms!

Teena in Toronto

So cute :)

Happy blogoversary :)