Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zoey @ 6 months

Wow! My baby girl is a 1/2 year old! Too unreal! Zoey turned 6 months old on Friday May 28.  She is growing so fast.  On this day, Zoey got to try baby food for the very first time!

On the 29th, she spent the whole day with mamaw and a few hours with Uncle Billy while mommy and papaw worked on our swimming pool (emptying, cleaning, refilling from 12:30 pm -3:30am).  

Zoey spent the 30th of May shopping with mommy and daddy for the very first time in Corbin.  My husband and I don't often have a lot of time off at the same time, so it is a rarity that we get to go out shopping together (and he hates shopping so it usually has to include Lowe's, too).  We had some things to get done so we ended up going out and we made a day of it. 
On the 31st, Zoey went to town all by herself with mamaw and papaw for the first time while mommy was at work.  After work, we headed straight home to let daddy in because he had locked himself out when leaving for work that morning.  Zoey and mommy took a big nap (5:45-8:45 for mommy and Zoey slept until 9:30).  The next day, Zoey and I ended up spending the night at mamaw's house.  Mamaw had surgery just a week or so prior and she needed someone to stay with her to help her up and down and Uncle Billy was staying with daddy to go fishing early the next morning.  Zoey and I got there at about 11:30pm.  The next evening, Zoey and I napped at mamaw's because we were tired from all the rushing around to get there the night before. 
On June 3, the last day of school for students, I had to leave work a bit early to head to an appointment in Middlesboro with Zoey and mamaw.  Mamaw was still feeling really bad so afterward, she sat in the car with Zoey and I ran into Wal-Mart to get a shower gift for our neighbor who is getting married and some groceries.  I felt really bad and ended up getting deathly ill after making it to mamaw's house.  My head was pounding and I was nauseated.  Zoey and I made it home.  Daddy came in to help and made me some oatmeal because nothing else sounded good.  I ate a bit of it, changed Zoey and we were asleep in minutes. 
On June 4, the last day of school for me, Zoey went to school with me after our annual breakfast.  Mamaw, Billy, and I took Zoey around and she met all sorts of new friends aka my coworkers.  

She got a little scared because everyone was talking loud and crowded all around her for a few minutes (plus she was sleepy) but after a nap, she was good to go.  After leaving the school, we headed to the get pool chemicals and to take 6 month pics (plus pics of Zoey, Mamaw, and I).  Later, Zoey hung out with mamaw while mommy, daddy, and papaw worked on the pool filter. 
Mamaw and papaw came over again on Saturday.  We worked on the pool a bit more and then ran out to eat at KFC before visiting Wal-Mart.  Zoey and I came home and she rested as I showered and packed.  We left for Louisville at around 2:00 to visit with our family.  We arrived in Richmond to pick up daddy and were on our way.  That night, Granny took mommy and Zoey shopping at Kohl's.  Zoey got 3 new toys and some new clothes. 
The next day, we attended church at Victory Baptist.  Wow!  What a story that was.  Let's see... in a nutshell.... Zoey pooped in church.  I took her out to change her.  Had to change her on the bathroom sink and a little girl dropped soap and it got into Zoey's hair.  I washed it out the best I could (this is after another lady rubbed Zoey's face BEFORE washing her hands!).  When I picked Zoey up, she puked all down the front of my clothes and hers.  I reached for our last baby wipe and dropped it in the floor so I had to use paper towels.  We sat in the vestibule for a few minutes to gather ourselves and she puked on one of the chairs so I had to go retrieve paper towels and soap for that as well.  Leave it to us!
Aunt Fefe and kids and Aunt Carrie came over to see us.  Aunt Fefe brought Zoey and outfit and a goody bag (Hello Kitty bag filled with stuff) and Aunt Carrie brought Zoey about 6 or 7 new outfits.  We hung out at granny's house until late and then headed home.  After a pit stop in Richmond to get my car (and the biggest poop Zoey had had up to date), we headed to our house. 
June 7, we headed back to Lexington to take mamaw to her appointment.  Things went well.  We even shopped with Aunt Sandy at Fayette Mall and Target.  Zoey and mommy had our pictures taken together in a photo booth and had a blast doing so.  We ate at the food court and then headed home. 

Mamaw watched Zoey here at our house on the 8th while momma overhauled the whole house from 10am-4:30pm.  Later, Zoey and I watched TV on the couch and napped off and on.  The next day, we took Zoey for new splints.  Yay!  These seem to stay on! 
We headed to Middlesboro shopping the following day so mommy could find a swimsuit top and spent the entire next day at home, indoors, so mommy could pack.  I packed all day and hung out with Zoey on the couch.  I also decided to put green, Oscar the Grouch socks over Zoey's splints so that they would stop sticking together.  She looked like she was wearing little, green, elf boots!  That night I fell asleep with Zoey at 8:30 and woke up at 3:30am.  I got up, finished laundry, and put all Zoey's clothes up.  I didn't go back to sleep until 6am and Zoey woke up a bit after 8.  We spent the next day eating at Pizza Hut with papaw and the family since we wouldn't see him for 5 days, packing, and napping.  

On June 13, Zoey headed out at 5am to pick up the rest of the family and head to the beach.  It was hilarious because she had no idea why we were waking her up int he middle of the night and definitely no idea why we were going bye-bye.  She kept looking at us so puzzled.  She traveled really well.  We stopped for breakfast at Shoney's at 9am and she ate and was changed then and then she slept and played until we arrived at a gas station about an hour from the beach.  She got out again there and then at Wal-Mart when we got our groceries.  She hung out with daddy in the store while I shopped. 
 Zoey's 1st time seeing the Ocean!!!

The next morning, I got up and got Zoey all ready for the beach.  She had on her over-sized glasses, her hat, swimsuit, and rash guard shirt (all with UPF 50) and we headed down to the ocean.  

It was soooo hot.... already 103 degrees and we stayed on the beach all of about 5 minutes before heading back to the pool.  Zoey was a little scared of the waves as they rushed up and she was burning up.  Back at the pool, we got into a float and floated around the lazy river.  She loved this and we continued to float for about an hour.  Then we went to the indoor pool (which connected to the outdoor).  She was a little scared at first but she warmed up rather quickly and really enjoyed herself.  
 One of Zoey's first bruises.  The first was on her head and was teany, tiny!

She had a lot of firsts that day : )  That evening we went to Broadway at the beach to eat Japanese and to let Zoey go to Build-A-Bear.  Zoey built a rabbit and we named her "Zoe Bunny."  So cute!
We spent the next two days swimming and playing outside.  We went out in the evenings to eat and even did a little shopping at the Tanger outlets on Hwy 501 on the 16th.  Zoey slept through the entire dinner at Outback Steakhouse and Golden Corral that Tuesday and Wednesday. The water had just worn her out.

The last night we were at the beach, June 17, we decided to spend the entire day at the hotel and just order dinner in. After dinner Zoey, Michael and I headed to the ocean. My husband is a redhead and so the beach is no fun for him until the sun has gone for the day or he gets blistered. This is the same guy who can get burned by a window in January! Zoey and I sat at the edge of the ocean and let the waves come up over our legs and feet. This was Zoey’s first chance to relax and enjoy the ocean without all the crowds, the heat, and the direct sunlight. She was a little nervous at first but she did okay. I sat there and watched the waves and talked to my baby girl about Jesus. I always think about the awesomeness of God when I look at the ocean and this year I had even more reason to think about that awesomeness as I held my darling daughter in front of the ocean. A few minutes later I watched Zoey dig her hands in the sand and then she started eating her hands! It had to happen eventually but of course that was enough for me. We sat there a few minutes more and I kept trying to wash her hands off in the water. We ended up just going to the outdoor shower and then hitting the pool. By this time, Michael was back at the pool with us and we all swam around and played together. Zoey started getting cold so I got her out and left my husband to play football in the pool with my brother and friend Seth.

We left at 6:05am Friday the 18th, five minutes later than planned because as we got into the car, Zoey pooped. HAHA She did really well on the trip. We stopped at around 10am to have breakfast in Spartanburg at a McDonalds. While we were eating, Zoey pooped again. So we had two dirty diapers changed in the front seat of the Navigator in one morning. LoL After that stopped, we came straight home. Zoey did really well. She slept most of the way and didn’t start to get whiney and upset until we were about an hour away. My mom entertained her and then I did after we dropped mom off. We were so tired when we got home at 2:30pm and Zoey and her daddy were both asleep quickly. I was busy catching up on things, unpacking, and doing laundry. Then I finally had to lay down with Zoey because she was exhausted and kept waking up crying for me.

The next day, we went to Applebees with mamaw, papaw, and Uncle Billy because we hadn’t spent time with papaw since before the beach and he missed his “Zoky” tremendously. We had a good time and relaxed after that when we went home.

Mike’s first Father’s Day was also baby dedication day at our church. I have a post dedicated to just this day already on my blog. Click here to revisit it.

On June 21, Zoey’s lil toes found her mouth for the very first time. Tuesday, she also had a gargle sound in her throat for the very first time. It was also the day that Zoey swam in our pool for the first time. 

Mommy, mamaw, and Zoey went swimming for a few hours and had a good time. She also had her biggest, poopy diaper ever after her nap on the couch. I’ll spare you the details. Haha Also, Zoey met Kalee, a sweet girl that I spent tons of time with over the past 6 years. Kalee is the daughter of my mom’s neighbors and was one of my students in 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. She and I bonded a lot when she was in 2nd grade. She spent the night with me and we learned Christian songs to sing in the car. We went shopping for Care Bears and went to the movies. She is such a sweet girl and it was such a blessing to see her with my daughter because she was one of reasons that I wanted a daughter so much. She spent about 2 hours visiting with us and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

The next day we went swimming with mamaw and Uncle Billy again. Later Zoey took a nap and then watched me wash bottles from the counter in her Bumbo seat. It was a good thing that she got to relax that evening because the next day brought 6 month shots (3!) and a splint appointment. We ended up spending the night at mamaw and papaw’s house that night because Zoey’s legs were sore and she was miserable after her shots. This was a first because she usually does well and just gets a bit whiny.  Zoey was 26 inches long and weighed 15.1 lbs!

Dr. A also made us an appointment for Shriner’s Hospital so that Zoey can get some more help with her feet. (Positional issue not clubbed feet) We laid around at mamaw’s the next day and then saw daddy when we went home that night after he got off work. We got things ready for the big weekend ahead.
Zoey's Splints ... with and without her Oscar the Grouch socks covering them!!!

The 26th we went to Bretta’s wedding (Kalee’s big sister). It was outdoors at the park at 3:30pm and boy was it ever hot. I had worried about Zoey because she had felt so bad with the shots but she was feeling better that morning to we ended up going. She did well other than sweating too death like the rest of us. We went to the reception at the lodge afterwards (ahhh! AC) and stayed until 7:15. Zoey enjoyed seeing Tina and Kim, two of my dear friends. She also enjoyed getting to meet everyone else including all the neighbors. We went home and took another bath for the next morning.

Zoey attended the funeral of Mae Bingham, our pastor’s mother, the next day. This was a historic and humbling experience because Mae was a wonderful woman and was a huge part of her husband W.B. Bingham’s ministry which has been a huge blessing to our community as well as all the other communities that are reached through the TV and Radio ministries. It was an honor to attend. Zoey got to see Preacher Bingham and family as we walked through the line and got to meet Dawsyn, my brother’s boss’ lil girl. It was a sweet moment and we enjoyed it. That night we went swimming with daddy (after momma had cleaned all evening and Zoey had wanted to go to each room with me) and then took a bath for bed.

Zoey is also doing back-bends to get to things she wants.  Here she is on the changing table trying to get her monkey. 

Month 6 was a great month for my lil girl. I am loving all the new things she is doing and the new experiences she is having. I am hating the fact that she is growing so fast, but that’s life and I feel blessed that she is doing well enough to be growing! Thank God for my ½ year old lil girl! Praise His name!