Friday, September 24, 2010

Zoey @ 7 Months

My baby girl had a great 7th month even though it began with her first, real cold. Mom and I had taken her to Somerset with us to have mom’s oil changed and right before we left, she began to cough a bad sounding cough. We called the doctor and he said we could bring her in later on that day, so we went on to Somerset. Zoey enjoyed sharing mamaw’s Concrete Mixer ice cream from Culvers. She slept off and on as we headed back home. We headed straight to the doctor after that and he checked her out. He said that she did have a cold and that we should just do the Little Noses nasal spray that we had done in the past and continue to suction her. As we were heading out, it began to pour the rain, so Zoey got to meet a few other folks who were waiting for it to slack off as well.

The next day, Zoey felt worse and we realized that she had passed her cold on to mamaw as well. Zoey hung out with mamaw in the car while mommy had her tires rotated and balanced and then we headed to mamaw’s house for the rest of the day to just rest. After seeing papaw that evening, Zoey and I headed home at around 7pm to give her a bath and let her nap the rest of the evening.

I hated to get her out on the 30th of June but she had an already scheduled hearing screening that day so we went ahead and went. The tech was really nice and decided that after running the first tests, she wanted to run the tests that they do on babies as they sleep. She was a bit worried about it because Zoey was much bigger than most of the babies that she runs the test on, so she decided that we would reschedule for one of Zoey’s nap times in the morning. As we were trying to reschedule, Zoey started getting sleepy and I told her that we may be able to go ahead and do it. I was right. My girl fell asleep and I held her while she hooked all the wires to her ears and forehead. She did so well and she passed! Any negative pressure that did show up was from the cold that she had. We were so pleased! We will repeat her hearing tests in about a year. We headed home and Zoey rested the rest of the day. I felt so bad for her because she was coughing and had a crusty nose. She felt horrible.

 Zoey with a cold jumping in her Jenny Jump Up!

On Thursday, Zoey was feeling some better. We hung out at mamaw’s house just so she could continue to rest. We hang out there a lot because my parents can’t stand to not see their girl and Zoey and I don’t really like to stay home alone every day. We spent the next day at the eye doctor so that Zoey’s eyes could be checked. She did well with that appointment and was even told that he knew her eyes were ok when he walked into the room because of the way she continued to follow him with her eyes and watch everything he did. We go back this Fall to continue to keep check on them. I needed pool supplies so we headed to Tazewell and swung by Ole Towne Grill for lunch.

The 3rd of July we had plans to head to Louisville for the holiday. Since we wouldn’t be with my family, they all came over that morning and we all swam in the pool (except for mom and Zoey … they were still recovering from their colds). We had a good time swimming and cleaning out the pool. I was so tickled to see my dad enjoy it so much because he has worked so hard to help me with it this year. Zoey and I cleaned up afterwards and then headed to meet daddy at work before heading on to Louisville. When we arrived, we saw Aunt Fefe, Aunt Carrie, Uncle Keith, and cousins Lea and Alec. We spent the rest of the evening and next day with them cooking out and catching up. We also attended church at Victory Baptist, my hubby’s home church. All of us girls sat in one row and the fellas sat in front of us. The night of the 4th, we decided to go ahead and spend the night and go back home the next morning early so that my husband could make it to work. We left at about 5:30am and had a peaceful trip.

After dropping my husband off at work and transferring everything over to my car, Zoey and I started home. I stopped to get gas and then couldn’t find my car charger so I went back to his work to pick it up. He walked out and showed me where he had placed it in my car and I got ready to pull out when I began to smell something. Yep. It was Zoey. She had a huge, major, poopy diaper. I checked her and it was so bad that there wasn’t anyway I could have cleaned her up without a bath and new clothes plus washing her entire carseat…. Sooo we headed straight home. We were only about 18 minutes away at that point. To my lovely surprise, I didn’t have my garage door opener (I had sent it home with my parents in case they had wanted to get out the stuff to swim while we were gone and I couldn’t find my front door key. So, I had to call and wake my mother up and she had to come down to bring me the opener. While she was on her way, I stretched out a blanket in the front seat and started cleaning Zoey up the best I could. I had her naked and wrapped in a blanket by the time mom got there. Into the tub she went and then to mamaw for lotion, brushed hair and clothes. I, then, went to work on her car seat and dirty clothes along with the toys that were covered in it… the paci, gosh… what wasn’t covered? So I sanitized and sanitized and finally got everything clean. I then began the process of letting it all dry while I showered and Zoey slept. Later, after the carseat stuff dried at around 2pm, we drove up to see mamaw and papaw for the evening.
(Zoey helping mamaw break green beans)

The next day was mamaw’s birthday so of course Zoey and I took her a movie and pizza/pasta to celebrate. We spent most of the day just hanging out at mom’s house and then later on that evening we went to have our family pictures made along with Zoey’s 7 month pictures and those for Father’s Day. It was hilarious because Zoey had never sat in the grass or a tree before. She was amused. Her daddy wasn’t as amused as the ants and bugs crawled all over him and her. But the pictures turned out great!

We went swimming on the 7th of July with Uncle Billy and Mamaw and daddy worked on his garden. Uncle Billy and I got into the pool first while mamaw stayed with Zoey because we wanted to make sure she was totally better before putting her in. After Uncle Billy got stung by a wasp, he went in to be with Zoey and mamaw came out to lay out with me. Later we packed for a quick trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tn with my family the next few days. We left early the next morning on our journey and we stopped first to eat some breakfast at good, ole McDonalds. We then went on to the Bass Pro shop. I love going there and it was Zoey’s first time so of course we had to take some pictures of her with some of the animals and things. We also bought her a pink Bass Pro shirt and a pink “My First Fishing Hat” ball cap.

They are so adorable on her. Next we headed to Knife Works. Mom and I always make a quick run around the place and then sit on the benches waiting for the fellas but this time we ended up going back to the bottom level to let Zoey watch the singing bear, coon, and dog. She just stared at it in amazement. She didn’t know what to think. Later, we ate at Mr Gatti’s (my hubby’s favorite place and we missed him a lot there) and then went to shop in the Tanger outlets. It was so brutally hot! We were sweltering! Seriously, it was 103 degrees plus the entire trip. Zoey was such a good sport. She was sweating and hot but she didn’t cry one time. That night, we went up and down the streets of Gatlinburg to look around and then relaxed in the room later on.

The next day we went to a few more shops and then back to Knoxville for Japaenese and more shopping at Sam’s Club and for me, Target. We got home that day around 4:45 and Zoey and I got to our house at around 8:30pm after resting at mamaw and papaw’s house and stopping to pick up our pictures that had been taken a few days before.

I spent that Saturday morning cleaning my house. I love when I have the chance to do that and take my time. At around 1pm, Zoey and I headed to Lowe’s with mamaw and papaw to look around. Zoey got to wear her Bass Pro attire and a cute, blue jean skirt. She helped me pick out a pretty area rug that was on clearance. We then headed to Wal-Mart and to eat then home to wait for daddy to get off work. The next day we headed to church. We had 2 great services and Zoey was pretty well behaved as usual. She did want to babble a bit during the evening service but thanks to mamaw, she ended up falling fast asleep.

July 12th involved a trip to Shriner’s hospital in Lexington, Ky for an evaluation of Zoey’s feet at 9am. I was really excited about the appointment because we haven’t had the best luck with the splints we had used thus far. I left very disappointed. I have always heard the very best about Shriner’s hospital and they were all so very nice, however, they wanted to treat Zoey’s feet as clubbed feet which would mean casts and a Dennis Brown brown. Now, there is nothing wrong with the Ponsetti method for clubbed feet, however, every other doctor we have seen has stated that her feet are not clubbed so it bothered me that she would have to go through such extreme measures if she was being treated for something that wasn’t really the issue. So, I stressed the whole day following the appointment and then decided to get a second opinion with another doctor that we hadn’t seen since we left the NICU. The appointment was scheduled for Monday at 4pm.

The next three days, Zoey stayed with mamaw and Uncle Billy while I went to my ILIFE training for work. The training was very interesting but very, very fast paced. I came home each evening and read over my notes to prepare for our final exam that Friday. I was exhausted. That Friday, after passing my test with a 90.62, I came home to my girl and we headed to London to shop with my parents. That night was spent helping daddy because he had smashed his finger while working outside after he got home from work. Saturday morning, the Goodlett clan came for a visit. Mike made his famous chicken and rice for everyone and then the kids, sis – in – law and I went for a swim. We hung out the rest of the evening, ate pizza, and talked. The next day, they all got to attend church with us. We were excited because we had never had my sister-in-law and neice and nephew all at church with us together. We had a good time and then went to Ryan’s for dinner with both sides of our family. We ran into a preacher who use to pastor my old church and Zoey got to meet him. After passing out photos to everyone, they all packed up and left and Zoey and I rushed to get ready for church.

The next day, my hubby and I headed to the doctor. My thyroid needed checked because it hadn’t been since I was pregnant! I know …. I was putting myself off. But ooooh the story behind that! Just wait until Zoey’s 8 month post to see what you find out! My hubby needed a shot and meds for his thumb. Afterwards, we headed to Knoxville to Dr. Weinstein’s office for our 2nd opinion. We stopped to eat at Don Pablos and then headed that way. Dr. Weinstein gave a totally different opinon than we had gotten at Shriner’s the week before. She had the same opinion of the others we had consulted with. She prescribed new splints for Zoey and sent us to someone that she recommended make them. We left full of hope and excited. After stopping for ice cream, we headed home.

The next day was another trip. This time we headed towards Lexington for my mom’s annual stress test. I was really glad I got to go this year because I didn’t get to last summer due to my bed rest. I always try to attend any appointments that I can with my mom. She and I are best friends and I like to stay on top of her health. Zoey was the talk of the doctor’s office … that is after we completely changed clothes and got her cleaned up after another poopy diaper incident in the dark parking garage haha She was a hit! The nurses loved her! They kept saying that she was adorable and that her head and eyes were so perfectly round! Haha Zoey also met an old friend of mine’s aunt and uncle who just happened to be waiting for stress tests as well. Later, Aunt Sandy stopped by and kept Zoey while I went back with mom. Then we headed to mom’s follow-up visit after her surgery in May before heading out to eat.

On July 21, we shopped with daddy. Mike and I finally bought the dining room table that we had been looking at for months after noticing that it was on sale and we also went ahead and got 2 carseats for Zoey to use after she outgrows this one. We went to look at the couch we are wanting but decided to wait on it for the moment so we could measure and see how we would arrange it. Zoey was awesome the entire time. She sat and played with the baby apps on my iPhone and was so friendly with the salesperson. While shopping she got to meet too of my former students as well!

We spent Thursday relaxing at mom’s house and didn’t get to swim because of the storms rolling through the area. We went the next day to get Zoey’s new splints! We actually didn’t get them but she got fitted for them. We got to meet the nicest man that worked on them. He was filling in for the man that we were originally suppose to see. He was so nice to Zoey and was such a humble man who told us all about adopting his son and teared up over it. He was such a blessing to us and we later found out that he was a preacher. I could definitely tell because he definitely let his light shine. We left and went to Sam’s and Once Upon a Child and also ate at Olive Garden. Saturday we headed to Corbin to Dino’s to eat with mamaw and papaw before shopping and driving through the car lot just browsing around at vehicles I am looking at.

July 25 we went to church and then headed to J.Milton’s for lunch. We ran into my best friend Danielle’s mom and brother and Zoey finally got to meet them. Zoey, as you remember, is Danielle’s namesake. It was wonderful for her to get to meet them. Verna carried Zoey around and was just so loving with her. I ended up having to box up my food because I felt so jittery and bad. Zoey and I took a nap when we got home that day and daddy kept a good check on us before we headed back to church that night. The next day it was really rainy so we didn’t get to swim again, so we watched a movie at mamaw’s house and rested. We did pretty much the same thing on Tuesday.

Zoey sitting up in the tub by herself for the first time!

Overall, Zoey had a great 7th month. I can’t believe we are on that downhill slide to her first birthday. It’s unreal that she is growing this fast!