Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zoey @ 8 Months

(This was the month I had camera issues... not many pictures :( )
Zoey turned 8 months old on Wednesday July 28th and we spent the morning being evaluated by a lady from the First Steps program so that we could possibly get Zoey involved and get at home physical therapy. Afterards we headed to Corbin to get some stuff for the landscape and to look at the couch again. We headed home, ate and then attempted to swim with mamaw. After cleaning out frog eggs from my floats and getting the pool netted out … we got in and it began to rain. So we got out and got cleaned up only to see the sun pop back out about a half hour later. After resting that day, we headed to London that night to Wal-Mart so daddy could find some things that Corbin was out of. We dropped Zoey’s favorite toy, her bumble at Mr. Gatti’s and we had to stop to get it on our way back late that night.

I headed to an appointment at the health department with Zoey the next morning before going to have my hair done and then heading to work to set up my new classroom. I was exhausted after finishing. I went to mom’s to shower and relax on the couch before heading home. I had received a call that morning from my boss telling me that I would have to attend another training the next day. I was exhuated and the training was a physical activity training so I knew I’d be worn out after 6 hours of it as well. After attending the training, I came back to mom’s and fell asleep with Zoey on the couch. When I woke up, I was still not feeling well. I had went to the doctor after having my bloodwork a few days before and my ARNP said my thyroid was really out of whack and had sent me for an ultrasound. I knew that the results had shown that but I had realized that I was late as well. So after encouragement from a friend and my mother, I took a cheap pregnancy test that my mom had had left from when she checked for signs of ovarian cancer. I started to get up to wash my hands and noticed that it was positive! I found out that I am pregnant with a brother or sister for Zoey! I was happy but shocked. And Zoey was the first person that went through my mind. I began to worry about her. We headed back to Lowe’s that evening and to KFC ( I couldn’t eat… I was so in shock!)

I went for bloodwork the next day and my levels came back at 2,164. So I was definitely pregnant. After going through all that I went through to conceive Zoey, I began to worry that maybe it was just showing up as pregnant because maybe, like my aunt, I had ovarian cancer, too. I know that’s not positive thinking but it did enter my mind. We spent Sunday at church and Sears… well actually daddy and papaw were in Sears while mamaw, Zoey and I waited in the car. After going back to church that evening, we headed home to rest. Monday August 2nd, we headed to Knoxville for more bloodwork for me. Afterwards we went to Target and Sam’s Club before heading home. On Tuesday I worked at school for Opening Day in our district. My HCG levels came back at 5,000+ and my progesterone levels were at 9.5 which was low so I had to begin 2 pills of progesterone a day. I was nervous because last time I did shots but my ARNP said that since this was a natural pregnancy, my body should help out a little more this time and that we would try the pills first.

The next few days were a blur…. Work and naps with Zoey on the couch. By Saturday I was feeling a bit more rested and so I went shopping in Morristown with mamaw and papaw and Zoey. We went to the mall, TJ Maxx, Lowes, and ate at the Sage Brush Steakhouse. We stopped by Sav-a-Lot on the way home for some frozen dinners and breakfasts for work the following week. After resting for a few, Zoey and I headed home around 8pm. The next day was Mike’s 32nd birthday. Zoey and I took him his 2nd present (the first being a game he picked out) which was his Clinique Happy cologne. This is my husband’s smell and I can’t buy him anything else. I’ve tried. It just doesn’t smell like him. We attended church and then went to pick up some movies from a friend in Tenneessee. This was Zoey’s first time meeting our friend David. Then daddy ran into Wal-Mart while Zoey and I waited in the car and shared a Pina Colada slushie. Finally we made it home with barely enough time to rest before heading back to church. We were both completely worn out!

The next day after work, I headed back to Knoxville fore more bloodwork. We then stopped at Kroger to change Zoey’s diaper before heading next door to Sonic for dinner. I was exhausted that night. Tuesday my ARNP called with my numbers. My HCG was 28,000+ and my progesterone was 16. The doctor was pleased that it had increased but wanted to be on the safe side and so she told me to add another pill per day making it three. Wednesday, Zoey and I rushed home for her evaluation from the First Steps physical therapist. It was at 4pm. ZoeyLowes and Wal-Mart. I was reminded of why I never get groceries on a Friday night after work. We didn’t get home until 11:30pm!

I was worn out Saturday morning. My aunt and uncle were on their way to my grandmothers to work on some things for her and so we left to go see them and help out. We spent the entire day there. Zoey was up from 8:30 am til 10pm that night with barely a bit of a nap in between! On Sunday August 15, we went to church. I was so overly tired and not feeling well that day and Zoey wasn’t either. She was teething pretty badly (she still hasn’t cut a tooth!) and was very tired and fighting sleep. So we made it through the morning service and went to eat at Pizza Hut for daddy’s late birthday dinner. I was so exhausted that I really didn’t want to go because of the crowd but that’s where he wanted to go so we did. We went home afterwards and then back to the PM service. I really wanted to hear the final installment sermon of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Before Zoey, I was an avid note taker at church. Occasionally, I still do so but not so much because I usually am holding her. During this sermon series, mamaw had gladly held her (which she does a lot to help out anyway) and I was getting notes. I did manage to get most of the notes that night before finally having to head out to the vestibule with Zoey. She didn’t feel well and I was feeling worse. It was unsual because we rarely have to do that thus far.

On Monday the 16th, I went to Kville with mom and Zoey. We went to pick up Zoey’s new splints, which are adorable I might add, and we went to my first OB appointment to see the newest addition. We were relieved to see a baby with a heartbeat of 152bpm. The next few days were spent at work. We headed to have Zoey’s pictures done on Thursday at 4:45. Afterwards, she and I went on home to rest a bit. On Friday, I left work about 30 minutes early and headed to Oak Ridge to have adjustments on Zoey’s splints. Wow! I didn’t think we would ever make it there. We did great and then we called and the folks at the office thought we were coming in on a different road and sent us the wrong way. We were about 15 miles out of the way when we realized it and they apologized. They are so nice there. They stayed to wait on us even though they were getting ready to close. We ate at A&W, went to get my birthday cake afterwards, then to Food City, the $ store, picked up dinner for the fellas at Taco Casa, and got home around 10pm.

August 21, was my first birthday with my baby girl outside of my body. My sweet husband took us to Somerset for some furniture browsing and dinner. I know it sounds insane but I requested Gold Star Chilli for my birthday dinner and that’s where we ate. I love that place and we don’t have one here. We later headed home and Zoey and I went to mom’s for some cake and to watch Eclipse. We had been saving our time watching Eclipse and decided this would be the best time to do so. I had a great birthday!

Michael had to work on some things and wasn’t able to attend church with us the next day so Zoey and I went to church and stayed at mom and dad’s house afterwards. It was much easier than all the running that I would have done had I went all the way home and we would have been by ourselves mainly anyway so it was nice to spend the day there. I was so very ill the next day, not from morning sickness, but from bad heartburn that I had apparently gotten from my egg drop soup the night before. I felt horrible at work that day and spent 2 hours asleep at mom’s that evening. I hated it because Zoey was ready to play and I was in no shape to do so. Afterwards though, I felt some better and spent some good, quality time with her. Tuesday evening I picked up Zoey’s pictures and then went home to overhaul 3 loads of laundry, dishes, and bottles.

The rest of Zoey’s 8th month consisted of staying with mamaw and uncle Billy while mommy worked and hanging out in the evening. I am so blessed to have spent the last 8 months with my precious baby doll!

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I love the pics of Zoey she is beautiful!!!! Who is your first step worker, a friend of mine has been doing First Step in the Corbin and London area. I used to work for her also and I done the paperworlk for the first step program and home health physical therapy. I hope everything is going good for you. My husband and I bought a house and we live in Bell county now, we are about 20 mins from Pineville. I have been saving money and I am going back to the fertility clinic soon to have the HSG done (i think thats what it is called) I have not had internet since we moved a few months ago and I finally got to have high speed put in this week so I am trying to catch up with everyone that I have not talked to in forever on here. Keep me in your prayers please.