Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zoey @ 9 Months

AS OF 7-29-10
HT. 25 3/4 INCHES
 Zoey’s 9th month began with some time with both sets of grandparents. We spent the morning running errands with my mom and then seeing my dad and brother and then we headed to Louisville afterwards to spend time with our family down there. Zoey and I spent a lot of that evening with cousin Lea and her silly bands. Zoey is amused by her and had a great time. We got to see everyone else as they all began to roll in. We celebrated the birthdays of my hubby and I and were sent home with tons of stuff. Zoey, of course, came home with some new clothes and baby food… courtesy of Aunt FeFe who loves to buy her new clothes and food. We spent Sunday playing with an Elmo toy that had been Lea’s, attending church at Victory Baptist, and hanging out with the family until late evening. We headed home and got home around 10. I was exhausted and so was Zoey. After getting ready for the following week, we drifted off to sleep.

Zoey and I spent the next few days like usual, me working and her hanging out at mom’s house. On Wednesday, Zoey went out to town with her mamaw and papaw to a doctor’s appointment that went really well. Saturday, we headed to Pigeon Forge, Tn for some Labor Day weekend shopping. We had a great time. I’d been planning this for weeks and it was a great day for it. Zoey got a few new dresses and outfits and I bought a few things at the maternity store. We got home at around 8pm that evening. We headed to church the next day, then to Wal-Mart, and then home to rest for the evening and straighten up the house a bit. I really needed the rest that evening. I still had two more busy days off ahead before plunging into the next work week. We had our planned yard sale the following day at my house. It was pretty dead so it looks like I’ll have to try again sometime soon. Dad stopped by and while they were watching the sale, I went out back to vacuum the pool. It had gotten really hot and I really got myself too hot. I had to stop and cool off. We then put up the sale and went to KFC to grab something to eat. I came home, rested a bit, finished the pool, and then got Zoey and I ready for the next day. We spent the following day going to see the doctor again to check on baby BG2. My ARNP did a quick ultrasound herself to make sure the baby was still growing and doing ok. We saw the baby, looking like a turtle much like Zoey did at that size, and saw the flicker of it’s heartbeat. It measured at 10 weeks 1 day but my due date stayed the same just because they are making sure all the ultrasounds are consistent. After leaving, we decided to grab something to eat. I called Zoey’s doctor that is in the same town to reschedule her September 20th appointment and they couldn’t do so. The doctor happened to be in though the office was closed. She told us to come on in at 1:15 and so we did. She ended up saying Zoey was doing well with her motor skills and that we needed to continue the splints and her foot exercises. She said that Zoey had a very expressive face and I totally agreed with her. She is the most expressive child I have ever met haha : )

The next day we took a looong nap at mom’s before going home to see daddy. Zoey ate 3 and half jars of baby food that day. She’s eating more and more. We are actually almost out! She also kicked her splints off on the way home and when I looked back through the mirror, all I could see was her and a white sock hanging from her mouth like she was a little dog. So funny! I found her again this way the next morning while driving to work. That evening, Zoey and I took another long nap before heading home. What a small habit we are creating! HAHA

Zoey spent the next few days with mamaw  while I was at work, eating her socks at random times, and taking long naps with me in the evenings.  The weekend of September 11th, Zoey and I went shopping with mamaw and papaw and on Sunday we went to our annual family reunion.  Zoey got to meet a lot of her family that she had never met.  She also got to swing with cousin Jessica.  We then went to church that night after resting at mamaw and papaw's house first.

  I was sick the next few days with a major sinus headache so I went through in a blur.  Zoey was wonderful at cheering me up.  On the 16th, I had ball game duty at work.  I was blessed and ended up only having to work 1 game and was back to my girl by 7.  Though I had had a rough week, I spent that Friday evening at my old high school attending Zoey’s first football game.  Mom went with us and we sat with my friend Kim and her family.  Zoey and Kim’s son 5 year old son Lucas had a good time.  He thought she was interesting and she did him, too.  ZoeyDonie Ann, even though she slept through that meeting. 

The next day mom, Zoey, and I ran out into my town to grab a few things and then back home to rest before meeting daddy in Corbin to look at furniture.  Afterwards, we had dinner at King’s Chinese before heading home.  I was reminded of why I don’t eat there that often…. I am not that fond of it because I usually feel ill afterwards.  I was pretty exhausted so I went home to lay around and rest.  It had been a long week and I woke up Sunday morning not feeling the greatest, so I stayed home from church that morning with Zoey but attended that night and was privileged to hear Phil Cross sing.  Zoey loved the music and was jumping around in my lap the entire time.  It was so sweet.  I’m glad my baby enjoys Christian music that well. 

It was back to work on Monday.  Wednesday brought about Zoey’s 9 month photo shoot at 4:30 and she did so wonderfully!  I loved them!  On Thursday we spent the evening with mom until 9:30pm because both my dad and hubby were working late.  I am a chicken and mom likes the company so it worked out for all of us.  Zoey is content at either place.  I picked up Zoey’s pictures on Friday and Michael ordered our couch finally! 

On Saturday Zoey and I went to Middlesboro with mom to shop a bit and then, as tired as we were, went on to the Chicken Festival with dad because he wanted to go and had gotten off work late.  We all weren’t that impressed but Zoey loved it.  She enjoyed seeing all the people and things going on.  We spent Sunday morning in church and Sunday evening at home as we were not feeling up to par. 

Monday was a rainy work day for teachers.  I felt bad still and just pushed myself to be there.  We got out at 1:30pm and I headed to mom’s to see her and Zoey.  We took naps and then woke up later to head home.  Late that night, I felt Zoey’s sibling move for the first time.  It was really neat because I was pretty far along with Zoey before I felt her move.  What a great way to end out Zoey’s 9th month!  Ps.  Zoey also was introduced to Candy Apples during this month.  Her daddy fed her the red sauce on the inside of the apple.  I think she enjoyed teething on it more than anything. 

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