Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Newest Addition.... Part 2 of the story : )

So.... after the shock subsided just a tiny bit, I proceeded to call my ARNP here at home and she set up blood work for early the next morning.  I had the blood work done and hours later (after some confusion in the lab), it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant with a HCG level of 2,164.  Now... being the worrywart that I am, I began to worry that maybe it wasn't a pregnancy but instead ovarian cancer.  Let me explain... my aunt had fought ovarian cancer the year before and a big sign of hers was that she registered as being 3 months pregnant when she knew she couldn't be.  My great grandmother had also had ovarian cancer and after all the hormones I had been on for the past year (+) I was nervous that maybe that was it.  But... God is good.  He wasn't giving me cancer to battle... He was giving me the desires of my heart.... another child WITHOUT any medical intervention this time! 

My levels continued to grow.  On August 2, I had more blood work which showed that my levels were 5,000+, but yet again with this pregnancy my progesterone was low registering at 9.5.  The good news was that this time the progesterone suppositories 2 times a day worked and I didn't have to do the twice a day shots.  I was really nervous because the pills hadn't worked when I was trying to get pregnant with Zoey but my ARNP at my OB office assured me that she felt they would work this time since this was a natural pregnancy.  On August 9, my levels came back at 28,000 and my progesterone was up to 16.  I was so thankful that everything was going well.

On August 16, I went to the OB for the first time and we saw our baby and heard his heartbeat for the first time.  It was 152 bpm.  This reassured me that there was a baby in there and not cancer! Such a blessing this was!

Since then....

Month 1-6:  I was EXHAUSTED to say the least!  It could be that I have a 1 year old little girl to chase around and that I work full time and try to keep our home together as well.

Month 1: tired
Month 2:  tired
Month 3: tired, some heartburn
Month 4: tired, heartburn, sinus issues begin
Month 5:  oh the sinuses, some sleep issues, some contractions
Month 6:  EXHAUSTION (diagnosed with anemia and borderline Gestational Diabetes which I am having to monitor 4 times daily and control), sinus issues, some heartburn, having to pee ALL THE TIME, contractions have began along with some pressure down low at times (doctor has said to take it easy and not over do it .. hopefully our lil man will bake longer than his sis did), some sleeping issues but it seems easier this time because I have Zoey to hug up to!  haha

I have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy this time so far aside from my previous issues,the anemia, and the gestational diabetes.  I'm not gonna lie, the contractions and pressure scare me and therefore we have not traveled and will not be traveling (Lord willing) out of town away until our baby is here.  The doctor felt like this was a good idea as well because I really don't want to deliver at a random hospital.  It is normal to have Braxton-Hicks contractions but my fear is that these are more than that.  My ARNP said that if I have 4-6 in even a day to let them know because it could mean premature labor.  My first two fetal fibronectin tests have come back negative meaning that I won't go into labor within the next 2 weeks, however, it did with Zoey as well and I went into labor before the 2 weeks were up.  I'm just a little cautious which I guess is a good thing in this situation. 

On October 18, we found out that Zoey would be joined by a baby brother.  I was shocked.  My hubby, mom and I thought the baby was another girl.  We felt blessed either way but how neat it will be to have a little boy so that we can enjoy the best of both worlds!  It was an interesting day to say the least as I had gotten my first speeding ticket in Anderson Co. and I wasn't even rushing!  I was going downhill and not paying attention!  (Grrr...but after DVD traffic school that is all taken care of!)  Needless to say, my blood pressure was up at the doctor's office and they were worried about it so I had to have a MIST test completed to make sure everything was ok.  It came back well and I told them I knew it was from the ticket.  I later got my flu shot that evening.

More to come...

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