Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoey @ 10 months

AS OF9-10-10
HT. 27 1/2 INCHES
WT 17.10 LBS

Zoey turned 10 months old on September 28th, the same day that I went to the doctor and we got to see the baby.  He/She had moved all morning and according to the ultrasound (which they did extensively because of the 1st trimester screening) my due date was changed which made more since with the movement I was randomly feeling.  I am now due on April 2nd instead of April 10th.  This was my gut feeling the whole time but I hadn’t measured up to it until this visit.  I was also given a complete physical which went well except for the fact that I had a BV infection.  For those of you who read the blog when I was pregnant with Zoey, you will remember that I had this near the end of my pregnancy with Zoey.  Many things can cause it including bleeding and anything that can change your PH balance.  I wonder if mine was from the progesterone suppositories that I have been using this time instead of the shots I took last time.  I also had my glucose screening that day and my thyroid tested.  Zoey in the meantime was so well behaved and had a good time exploring in the doctor’s office.  Here’s a picture of her looking at her sibling!

I was back at work and tired as usual.  I was at mom’s until 8pm and then home to finish things up for the day.  The next day I found out that my thyroid had improved a lot (moving from approximately 8 something to around 2.9 and I was left on my 137 mcg dosage) but that it was possible that it had affected my glucose screening because I had missed the conservative cutoff on it by 3 points with a 133.  This was odd to me and the doctor because I had passed the early and later screenings with Zoey with flying colors so she suspected something may be affecting the test.  I was told that I would have to schedule the 3 hour glucose test to see how things went.  I debated as to when to do so and ended up scheduling for my Fall Break, October 11. 

Friday, October 1, 2010, Zoey and I headed to get a few groceries after school with mom.  On Saturday, Zoey and I went to mom’s for the morning after I had packed for our Louisville trip.  We watched the movie “The Last Song” and relaxed.  Then we headed to pick up daddy at work so we could head to Louisville at 12:30.  Zoey slept most of the way but got aggravated with her carseat during the second half because she had been in it so much that week already.  We arrived and Zoey ate a candy apple with her daddy.  Her granny thought it was hilarious.  I also introduced my in-laws to their newest grandbaby by sharing the ultrasound pictures.  She also went with us to Indiana to eat at Paula Dean’s new restaurant.  Zoey wasn’t too big on Paula’s mashed potatoes.  On Sunday we went to church at Victory Baptist with Zoey’s grandparents, aunt Fefe, and cousins.  The older pastor Bro. Gentry preached but we didn’t get to stay in very long because after everyone had taken a turn with Zoey, she was excited.  She wasn’t loud but I was afraid she’d get there so she and I went to the vestibule where we preceeded to wrestle around for the next hour.  We walked the halls and read every poster, looked at the fish tank, spoke to the nursey lady, and finally she fell asleep right before church ended.  We then all rode to Shoe Carnival with her daddy and then to Qudoba’s to get something to take home and eat.  I, once again, was not impressed.  Just not really my type of Mexican food.  After playing around at her granny’s with everyone and eating food with aunt Fefe, Zoey was ready for a nap and so was mommy.  She and I slept 1.5 hours and then got up to pack to head home.  We got home around 10pm and the next morning we were both exhausted.  (Zoey also was given just a small taste of coffee on her granny’s spoon that morning …. I glanced over and noticed her face and realized it and her daddy was vocal in saying no no no… he is anti-coffee haha). 

Monday started with a bang… I woke up sick which I suspected the night before.  I then got to work and realized that my bank account had been hacked into through Paypal, an outside 3rd person service that you can use to pay for purchases through.  The thing was, I hadn’t made any purchases but apparently someone else had and by the middle of the week it had rang up to almost $3,500.  It was a headache  but we got everything straightened out.  I went back to work after stopping to use my brother’s computer to call and cancel things.  Zoey wasn’t sure what was going on for me to be there that early and then to leave again.  I was feeling sick still the next day and slept at mom’s that evening.  After going home that night, I woke up to a really red face and a sore throad along with my sinuses that were clogged.  I went back to bed and got up for work.  I almost called in but I am afraid to use my days so I made myself go.  This happened again that night and I was up at 3am using my Neti pot to relieve sinus pressure.  On Thursday, I ate with mom at her house before going home to eat a whole can of sauerkraut that night that my hubby fixed for me because he knew I had been craving it.  I bathed Zoey while my hubby cooked dinner and got Zoey’s bag packed for the doctor the following evening.   I scratched the hubby’s back while we all sat on the couch and he and Zoey cuddled up to watch Dinosaur Train.  He even sung the theme song to her like I do.  It was quite cute.  We were a little stressed but we had a great time as our little family of 3 (actually 4). 

I went to work feeling worse than I had felt all week on Friday.  I tried to do things in class that would be educational yet would help me rest my voice because after singing all week, I had nothing left to use.  After school, I picked up Zoey and mom and we headed to Zoey’s eye doctor’s appointment.  Appointment went well. I did get a little upset at the lady who dilated her eyes because she was really grouchy about it and c’mon …. My baby isn’t even a year old, of course it will be difficult for her to have her eyes dilated especially when she is sleepy. But the appointment went well and we don’t go back for 6 months. Yay!

During the end of this week… Zoey began waking up during the night and crying off and on until I held her close and then she would fall back asleep. This happened repeatedly. Not sure what was going on, other than her feeling bad from teething and trying to get sick, but after about 4 nights she was ok again. Fall break began that weekend and I was so glad because I was exhausted and still so sick. That Sunday, Zoey clapped her hands in church for the first time. My dad has been teaching her and she’s been clapping but this was her first time clapping in church. So sweet! I got Zoey a small Elmo doll after stopping at the Dollar Store because she didn’t really have any that were that small. We spent the day and night at mom’s house because I had to be up so early to head to the doctor the next morning for my 3 hour diabetes test. It just made it easier than dragging Zoey out extra early and to get to my mom’s before heading to the doctor at 5 am. I was exhausted because I couldn’t sleep that night.

The test took FOREVER… as they normally do haha… and I was really tired by the time it was all over. We did manage to fit in Duck Duck Goose, a consignment sale with tons of children’s things, and Zoey’s refitting of her splints. We were exhausted that night! (Notice… we seem to stay exhausted lately haha). Tuesday was spent just relaxing with mamaw because daddy had to work. It was back to work on Wednesday and then Thursday we discovered that Zoey was sick with the cold (?) that I had had the week before. I left work and went to the store and bought her some trucks and a Cookie Monster toy to cheer her up. I hate seeing her sick. And she loved the toys.. especially the trucks! They were so cute! I also had to pick up things for my boss’ retirement party the next day. The next day was spent at work and then out to Htown to get some things for the next week. On the way, I stopped at the florist that sells baby bows and bought Zoey 3 new bows. I hadn’t bought any in forever!

Saturday was spent straightening up the house and then heading to London with mom and dad to pick up a few things. After coming home, my dad and hubby played around with a metal detector while mom, Zoey, and I went inside to sit for a bit. We headed to church on Sunday morning but not that night because Zoey wasn’t feeling well. We had dinner at Pizza Hut after the morning service and then headed straight home.

I was off work the next day for my doctor’s appointment, so we headed out early and I wasn’t in a rush at all. However, mom and I got to talking and I got my 1st speeding ticket ever! There were cars whizzing all around me and they picked me to pull over HAHA It figures. Needless to say, by the time that I got to the doctor, my blood pressure was h igh… 163 over 75. I explained to them what had happened but they wanted to be sure so I had the MIST test done and everything came back well. It was barely near the edge of being abnormal. I had a wet prep to ensure that the BV infection was gone and thank God that it was! It was at this appointment that we found out that Zoey is the big sister to a LITTLE BROTHER! Afterwards I had bloodwork and then went to pick up Zoey’s new splints. Then I waited for an hour for a Flu Shot at Wal-Green’s before heading home.

On Tuesday the 19th, it was back to work full force with an SFA visit.  You just gotta love visitors.  That evening Uncle Billy came over to help daddy move our old couches to the garage to make room for the new ones.  Daddy then made spaghetti for dinner.  After work the next day, Zoey and I went straight to the courthouse before going home.  She slept as I carried her through.  She was so tired.  She woke up later kicking me in the belly.  That night we got our new couces and had pizza.  Zoey hugged up to me after playing around the new couches and went straight to sleep.

The next few days were the usual... work, work, then the weekend.  Aunt Carrie, Uncle Keith, Cousin Lea and Cousin Adam came to visit.  We had a great time hanging out and enjoyed a boat ride (well Zoey and I didn't) the next day.  Zoey and I actually sat on the floating dock and she slept all covered up because it was so windy and I was afraid to take her out and make her even more sick.

On the 27th, Zoey went to have her 10 month pictures (Halloween & Fall) taken.  They turned out so well.  She looked so adorable in her pumpkin suit.  Here are the remainder of her pics that haven't already been scattered throughout the post:

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