Monday, December 6, 2010

Zoey @ 11 months

Zoey's 11 month began with her hanging out with Uncle Billy during some really crazy storms.  Mommy and mamaw had scheduled a hair appointment for after school on that Thursday and Billy had kept Zoey.  Of course the bad storms would come while we were gone.  However, Uncle Billy took awesome care of her, as he always does.  He'll be such a good daddy someday!

On Friday, Zoey, mamaw, & I went to town to find some party things for her upcoming 1st birthday party.  We found a ton of stuff at the dollar tree.  The next night, Zoey went trick or treating in the town square and in our subdivison.  Zoey was shy and sleepy while trick or treating but was wide awake and ready to play in her candy when we got home.  She cried for a sucker that I had let her lick on.  She wanted the whole dum, dum in her mout and I wouldn't let her for fear that it would break off and she would choke.  She got the cutest blue toboggan from the local college and we began to rely on that for help on the following cold mornings.

On the 31st, Zoey and I met mamaw and papaw at church.  We were by ourselves and running late.  I had to stop at the store to buy a new paci since I had forgotten the others at home.  I refuse to go to church without her paci!  haha  I would be asking for it!  Then we had a poopy diaper as we pulled in.  Needless to say, we were pretty late.

We headed home afterwards and I held the ladder while daddy applied stain/sealer to the house.  Then we had drama trying to match everyone to get ready for church directory pictures.  After a fight with the car seat base, we were on our way and I was exhausted.  We were late for church because the pictures weren't over until 6:30 and then we headed to Wal-Mart, my hubby's bright idea because he never seems to run out of energy unlike me!

The next day was November 1st, Danielle's (Zoey's namesake and my bff) 30th birthday.  I was amazed that it had been 5 whole years since I had sent her flowers for her last birthday here on earth.  I put on my commemorative pin that I attempt to wear daily during November each year and headed to work knowing that this year, my daughter would notice that pin and would already question what it was and why mommy was wearing it.  More questions will come as she gets older and I'll be glad to share the story of Danielle's life with her. 

The next day there was no school and I headed to the doctor, 2 hours away.  After being in the doctor's office for ever (waiting 40 minutes for blood work), I picked up stuff for my dearest friend Tina to make Zoey a tutu, ate Japanese, picked up 2 Halloween costumes on clearance and got home around 6ish. 

The next few days were just work and then that weekend, Zoey and I went to town with mamaw.  I got Zoey her first birthday gift... a small chatterbox Elmo that she enjoyed playing with in the store and the rest of the supplies for her tutu.  I also found her baby brother's Halloween costume even cheaper so I ended up saving more money by purchasing it at the lower price.

We were home from church the next day due to mommy overdoing it herself that week and needing some rest.  I did manage to straighten up Zoey's room just a bit and her clothes before making myself lay around the rest of the day.  Monday, I gave Zoey's tutu stuff to Tina and boom... Tuesday morning she had it ready.  Zoey was amazed by it and was kinda intimidated by it haha  That day was Celebrate America at work for me and then home to prepare for Zoey's 11 month pictures (which would include those for her 1st bday) the next day.

The pictures were so much fun and my lil girl was hilarious!  She first took her Thanksgiving pictures with the fall background and the little turkey and then she took her 1st birthday pictures.  Zoey hated the feeling of the cake icing on her and actually cried when she got it on her!  It was hilarious.  She also didn't like that the icing was strawberry... what can I say... she's my girl... she loves chocolate!

I picked up her pictures the next day and they were adorable to say the least.  I ended up making a last minute decision to change her birthday party to the following weekend and stayed up until 3am getting invitations ready for it.  The next day, I mailed the invitations, worked, and then headed to a meeting during the 2nd half of the day.  The meeting ended early and I headed out to take Zoey to get her 1st flu shot.  She did great with it.

AS OF 11-12-10
WT 18.15 LBS
HEAD 45 cm
Temp. 97.8

That night ended with me in the process of changing Zoey and her managing to pee on the changing table and get it all in her hair and all over her.  LOL  So the night technically ended with another bath and bedtime.

The 13th brought about a trip to Corbin with mamaw to the Dollar Tree for some things, Wal-Mart, Sonic, and a few shoe stores with Zoey's great grandmother Rose.  The next day we headed to church and Zoey wore her frilly dress that her Aunt Carrie had gotten her a few months back.  We through a sweater on with it so that she wouldn't get too cold and it was adorable.  She was complimented a lot but she always is haha

That Monday was work.  I was exhausted and feeling a lot of pressure down low so I took a nap with Zoey at mamaw's house and fed her mashed potatoes and bananas before heading home at 7:30pm.  I fell asleep again getting her to sleep and woke up at 2am to take my meds.  That night we also got our church pictures back and they turned out really well... well Zoey's did haha

The rest of the week was work, work, work as usual.  The 19th was a busy day being so because it was a work day and our 5 year wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by going out to eat at Golden Corral and doing a bit of last minute birthday shopping at Wal-Mart with Zoey.  That night began the period of over a month of sickness beginning with Zoey's 1st round of diarrhea.  She screamed all the way home after daddy dropped us off at my car so we could follow him home.  When we got home and I got her out, she had went big time.  I assumed it was something in the potatoes we had ate so I let it go.  That night she went again and so my mom brought her some pedialyte just in case.  She did great the whole day and so I didn't cancel her birthday party.  We had a great time after we finally got moving.  I couldn't seem to get motivated to finish decorating and daddy was trying to help me and clean.  Finally we were finishing dishes as our 1st guest, great mamaw Brock showed up.  Next was Tina and Lauren, then Jessica and Gavin.... etc.  Zoey had a great time though she was a bit whiny.  She licked a ton of chocolate icing off her cake and did a much better job with it this time than she did at her photo session.  She had a ton of icing in her nose and so after her bath I had to clean it all out of her nose haha  She got lots of cool toys and had a great time seeing everyone.  Her birthday cake was to die for and was created by my dearest Tina.  She is so good!

Just when we thought she was feeling better... the diarrhea started again.  And it lasted through the next day and actually for the next week and half.  We were home with Zoey that next day only running out to Kmart for more pedialyte and stopping at Mr. Gatti's for daddy some dinner.  On the 23rd, Zoey and I spent the night with mamaw and papaw because mommy had a doctor's appointment at 7:30am the next day which meant I had to leave at around 5:15 to get there.  I was leaving her there so I figured I'd spend the night there so she could just sleep through me leaving and not have to get up and then try to go back to sleep when I dropped her off.  I headed out by myself so that my mom could cook our Thanksgiving dinner for that day while I was gone.  The appointment went well and I was out before 10am. I stopped at a Wal-Mart in Lafollette, Tn and picked up a few things for Zoey and her brother along with some bananas and flowers and then was on my way.  I then stopped by the cemetery to visit Danielle's grave and I placed the flowers there.  I had cried my eyes out that morning as I had passed by driving down the road we traveled so much together and now I was just numb standing there.  So surreal that she's really gone... even 5 years later.  So amazing that I have a little girl that she would have spoiled rotten that shares her name and even reminds me of her in some ways.

I then headed home to eat some Thanksgiving dinner via my momma's kitchen.  It was wonderful!  It always is!  Next, I took a nap... ate some more and then sat around until my hubby and dad arrived to eat.  It's always a little off kilter when we celebrate ahead of time because they aren't always off work and so we eat again with them.  My mom does everything early and this is no exception.  Zoey enjoyed to potato salad and dressing.  I knew she would... it's a tradition in our family and no one makes it like my mom and my grandmother do (did).  We left for Louisville at around 7pm and headed to Indiana first.  We spent about an hour and half there taking my sister-in-law our old couches for her basement.  Zoey was amazed watching her animals while sitting on my hip.  Carrie fed her some egg nog shake and then Uncle Keith tried to give her chocolate milk.  Then we headed to Aunt Fefe's to drop off the trailor until we were ready to head back home.  Finally, we made it to granny's house and to bed after a White Castle snack at 3:30am.  I noticed that zoey had a slight cough that night but I dismissed it.

The next day was Thanksgiving with the Lville clan.  We ate and then they threw Zoey a birthday party because they hadn't gotten to come to hers.  She had a blast with her cake there.  She ate a lot of it and then rolled it around on the table.  I then played rummy with my Carrie, Pa, and Jesse while Zoey took a nap on the bed with Granny.  I won and I wasn't even paying attention... I was sifting through sale ads.  At 12:30am, we headed out (Zoey, too) to Wal-Mart where it was hilariously packed.  My hubby was the ring leader and quickly changed his mind after he saw the crowds. I picked up a few movies and then headed to Toys R Us for a couch for Zoey for Christmas.  They were sold out :(

The next day (a year from the day that I had went into labor with Zoey), Zoey met her great-aunt Darlene and uncle Bob.  We hung out with Aunt Fefe that day, had some Roadhouse for dinner, then headed home with the whole back end of our Navigator filled with clothes and toys Aunt Fefe was sending home with us.

The next day, Zoey and I headed out Christmas shopping in Kville with my family.  We were exhausted from being on the go so much that week.  I could barely move.  To make matters worse, Zoey's cough got worse. Still, it was great to go shopping with my dad enjoys it so much! By the next morning, Zoey sounded awful and we decided to keep her in.  I hated missing church 2 Sundays in a row but I didn't want her to get worse and hated that she had been out the day before without me knowing that she was getting sick.  It was sad to see my lil girl sick on her very first BIRTHDAY.  But I better leave that to the next post : )

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