Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Exhausted! But ready for Chapter 1!!!

Today was the student's last day of school! Wow... that means I only have about 5 days left myself. haha I am so glad the "trying" period has passed for this cycle because I am so exhausted I can barely breathe, let alone worry about ttc. I feel some better about everything but I still have all this pressure to get pregnant. It isn't from anyone but myself. I know that I can't just make it happen but I really do keep feeling like there's so many time lines I'd like to stay within. Silly I know but remember before you lecture me... I am just being totally honest on this blog. I realize what I need to do and that God is in control of it all, I am just expressing my inner thoughts. I really want to let this stress and worry just disappear. I know that there's always something new to stress over and I have to admit, I'd rather go through this stress than the stress of losing someone that I love or something. I think that it is just a mixture of everything including some personal issues. *Sigh* Just keep me in your prayers! I want to read beyond the preconception introductions in my baby books.... I'm ready for chapter 1.

Ps. Keep my friend Daniel and his wife Letha in your Prayers as well...they have been trying for 10 years and are still waiting for a baby.

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beth ewing

i've come to realize in this struggle, that everyone has something. i mean everyone is upset or stressed about something. there are those that are sick or have lost a loved one or have troubled marriages or sick kids. my sil reminded me the other day that God never gives us more than we can handle. and He believes that you and i can handle this so handle we will.