Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hoping this is my month...

So I am on day 27 of my cycle today. This time last month I had started on day 27. I really hope that this is my month and that I don't start. And I have a feeling that maybe it is.... but my husband says that I always have that feeling...haha I know that I have had probably double the people Praying this month and I did get my disability (maternity) insurance in order so that I can qualify for a pay raise on it starting July 1st. Maybe those two things are giving me that good feeling. It kinda just came together about that insurance, too. I had already signed off for it to increase on Sept. 1 but I found out that sometimes they will do it sooner so it kept coming to me to call and ask Jeff and he said we could start it July 1st. Maybe its a coincidence or maybe it really is God's month for me. The only thing is, other than that feeling I have no symptoms. I mean there's a few things that I have noticed but I don't know if I am just relating them to that without realizing it or not, such as having to pee all the time and having a backache. Oh well.... just Pray for me guys.

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beth ewing

i'm not going to be one of those people that pumps you up only to watch you fall that much harder. i will however give you some hard facts from my experience.

some people feel symptoms early but generally speaking they dont' show up until around week 6. you're right at week 4 today. that is supposed to be encouraging that you shouldn't really "feel" pregnant yet. but i know from experience that your brain can send mixed signals when you want to believe you are pregnant...that happened to me.

i'll just pray that this is your month and you won't have to worry about it. i will say though that even if you take a test today and it comes out negative...that doesn't mean anything. i had a negative pg test at the doctors office 3 days after i was supposed to start when i was pregnant with my son. so don't freak if a test comes out negative today or even a few days from now.

ok i'm so excited. please post daily now...or hourly. i'm just dying to know.