Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Infertility Story

I was one of those that waited until I was out of college and working before I got married. I never had issues with folks who didn't, but I knew that I wanted to. My mom had always told me to get everything done that I wanted to while I was single because life would totally change after marriage. It did, in a good way. I met my husband through via Yahoo email. We were engaged after 6 months and planning a wedding. I ended up feeling like I wasn't quite ready and so I called it off. I went through a lot the year we were apart but I am glad that I did. Michael and I ended up back together and married in November of 2005.
I felt the same way about children. I knew I wanted children, but I had a few more things I wanted to get finished first. If I had have gotten pregnant, it would have been ok, however I wanted some time with my husband. I also wanted to finish my Master's degree in Elementary Education and my Rank 1 in Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction. So we put it off.
In February of 2007, my cousin Jessica gave birth to my baby cousin/nephew Gavin Michael Brittain. I fell in love with this little man and my longing for a child grew. I was nearing the finish line with my degrees and had been married for about a year and a half. I prayed and talked with Michael about having a child. We decided to start trying in June of 2007.
I went off birth control in April and we started trying. It was fun and exciting to think that at just anytime, I could have a positive pregnancy test. Well, the fun and excitement didn't last very long. In August/September of 07, I was late, really late. I, along with most of my family and coworkers was convinced that I was pregnant. I was so excited. The only problem was that I couldn't get a positive pregnancy test to show up. Then after I think 10 days, my period came. I was hurt but I figured that we could just keep trying.
My periods began to get a little longer and more unpredictable. I had never had this issue. I have never thought I would have an issue with getting pregnant and here I was about 9 months in and I was still waiting. My friend at work convinced me to go to her doctor and tell them what was going on. I did this in January 2008 and she started me on Clomid right away. I had always had positive OPK's but I figured it was worth a shot. I began on 50mg and then moved up to 100 mg for the next 2 cycles. Fast forward to now and I am on 150 mg. This is actually my first cycle on that dosage. I am at the one year mark and amazed that I am still childless.
My doctor did tell me that she felt that I am struggling with PCOS. I have a lot of the symptoms and therefore I have also been on Glucophage since January for that as well. Since I lost my gall bladder in Jan. 07, this medicine definitely hasn't helped my digestive issues. But if I get a baby out of it, it is worth all that stress.
I went to the doctor this week on May 20th. The doctor and her assistant talked with me and decided to keep me on my dosages for another 3 months. If nothing has changed by then, I will be heading to Dr. Akin in Lexington for more help. I am pretty sure that I am ovulating so I have no idea what else could be going on. I have to admit, I did freak out when they said that because I know how much money that would entail but I have since calmed a bit.
So there you have it, my personal infertility story up until now.

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beth ewing

i'll pray you don't have to go further than the drugs. i know it can be super expensive depending on what your insurance covers.

do you want me to pray twins for you too? that's what i'm praying for myself so i don't have to do this again.


Ok you have made me cry on this memorial day, as if this day wasn't bad enough!!! LOL Ok first of all it will happen! I promise! But until then Gavin Michael is ours to share. So pick a weekend you and Michael want to take him home to Barbourville and I will bring him to Pineville to meet you! SO push away those tears and help me raise our Gavin Michael Brittain until your stubborn little boy or girl arrives! You know we are all stubborn so he/she will arrive when they want to not when you want her/him to! LOL Remember Gavin, I went 41 weeks with him. He wasn't coming out until he was ready!!! I kept calling and saying, "WHEN!!!" I love you!!