Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm A Copy Cat.... Pray For Baby Brittain-Goodlett tomorrow!

I found this on my infertility blogger friend Elaine's blog. She, too, is going through IUI today and tomorrow. If we both get pregnant in this cycle, we will be due at exactly the same time! How cool is that? Anyway, she is asking for Prayers for her during these procedures. I am doing the same as always, but I am going to request that you let me know when you will be Praying. Now I am going to ask for days of Prayer because I would like to be asked to be bathed in Prayer during possible implantation as well. I often wonder if I have Endometriosis, though the doctor has not mentioned this yet. Sometimes, Endometriosis causes an embryo to not implant. Please keep me in Prayer and let me know when you are Praying. And obviously Pray any other time you think of me. I agree with Elaine, your comments will be "concrete evidence" of all the Prayers going up to God on our behalf. According to research, implantation can take place from 6-10 days after you ovulate. So, I am listing the next 11 (one extra hehe) days for you to Pray. Please let me know which day you will be Praying whole heartedly and also please everyone Pray for my IUI in the morning. Pray that I will be able to conceive a precious little miracle from God.

Prayers for Conception (if it be God's Will):
*** Leave me a comment letting me know when you will Pray for Baby Brittain-Goodlett to be
created by God's precious hands on October 8, 2008.
*** I'll list you by name in the next few days as to which day you are Praying.
*** When Baby Brittain-Goodlett is old enough to understand this, I will be able to show him/her just how many folks Prayed for his/her existence!

Procedure begins with sperm processing at 8am and will conclude around 10 after I have had the IUI-












God Bless you for Praying for my heart's desire!

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Dave and Elaine

Put me down for Thursday but I'll be praying everyday for both of us!


The last couple of posts really touched my heart. You know it is true... all the obstacles we face are like tunnels. Some are short, some are long, but there is always a light at the end. I have felt so down the last couple of days over Mitzy. My heart hurts for hurt and I just want to cry everytime I think about it. I know God has a plan for her just like you and I and it is just a matter of time before it is revealed. Just pray for her and especially on Thursday morning(they are doing a D & C). And pray that she will be lead to a doctor somewhere that can give her some answers. Oh yeah, I'll pray for you tomorrow and everyday after that until we get the answer we are hoping for. Love ya.

beth ewing

4 follicles is great! since it's already wednesday and elaine took thursday, i'll take friday. i'll be on a plane on friday morning so perfect time for some one on one with God.


I will pray for you on Monday (day 6!!) I will also be praying against endometriosis. I have it and it is awful.
Trusting the Lord with you. HE is able!