Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's IUI

To say that today's IUI was an adventure would be an understatement! I got up at 4:30am this morning and left at 5:15. I had spent some time yesterday cleaning my car up and walked out to a majorly rainy morning. Yuck! So, I drove to Corbin and got on exit 25 which is the closer exit. I wasn't paying attention because my mind was racing and I got on going the wrong direction. So I drove to exit 29 and exited off, disappointed that I had wasted time. While I was there, I picked up some breakfast for my hubby and headed again again.

Driving was horrible this morning. There were tons of big trucks on the road. There was also tons of rain, darkness, and fog. I was so tense trying to get there. I did make it at about 7:20. We didn't have to drop off the specimen until 8am so we rested for just a few minutes before we went to the office.

I was told to either wait in the office or come back in an hour after the sperm was processed. So we left and just drove around for a few minutes. My husband is really into cars so he wanted to see if there were any dealerships nearby. We finally drove back and I walked in about 5 minutes early.

I sat down and a few minutes later the nurse came to get me. We walked into the room and she asked if I had brought my medicine with me. I just looked at her with a blank look. I kept thinking, was I suppose to have brought something? Did I forget? I asked her which medication she was talking about and she said the HCG shot. I again was dumbfounded and I told her that I had taken it on Monday evening. She then looked at me confused. I told her that I was there for an IUI. She looked shocked and said "OOOH. I didn't realize that!" She asked if I had dropped off the specimen and I told her yes and she left to check on it.

Well, if you know me you know that I started freaking out. What if it was lost? What if they had left it sitting on the counter and forgotten about it? What if I was going to lose these 4 follicles this month? I just kept Praying for God's hand to be upon me and for this situation to be resolved.

She came back and told me that it would be just a minute. Then another lady that works there (not sure of her title) came in and asked if I was Ms. Goodlett. I replied that I was and she said that it would be just a little bit. So I was escorted back out to the waiting room and they both kept apologizing. I wasn't mad at them. I was just worried that something would be messed up with the specimen. I sat there for about an hour and I realized that they were obviously having to process it while I was sitting there. I was then called back and we got started.

When my doctor came in I asked her if it mattered that it was late getting processed. She told me no that everything was fine and that my husband's count was 28 million. She said that everything looked good on both his end and mine. She said this was a really good shot at it. The nurse later told me that they had messed up because of a miscommunication. I asked where it was and she said in the warmer. That made me feel better. At least it wasn't sitting out in that cold office.

My cervix didn't want to cooperate so the doctor had to pull it down a bit. That was a little uncomfortable, but nothing unbearable. Just felt pressure and some cramping afterwards but nothing major. I laid there for about 15-20 minutes and then I was free to go.

I was still a little worried in the car on the way home so I laid my seat back and Prayed myself to sleep. Tonight we are suppose to try once more just for backup.

Please God, send a precious little soul to me this month. Please let it fit perfectly into your plan for my life. Please bless each of those eggs and each of those sperm and let them find each other. Lord, you know the ends and outs of each of them. Please just let this work this time. Please let me be teetering on the edge at the end of the tunnel. Please let the rays of light be leaning my way. I promise to give you all the praise and glory for this blessing and Lord, no matter what, thank You for being with me. I love you Father.

Ps. Please keep Praying for my friend's sister-in-law as she goes through a miscarriage and D&C on Thursday.

Also, keep Praying for Baby Sheldon to be created just as you are Praying for Baby Brittain-Goodlett to be!

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You don't know me I found your blog last week and have been so encouraged by it. Thank you for sharing your story and for inviting others to be a part of it. I have been there for over 3 years now and I know the pain you are feeling. Know that God is taking care of you, even when it hurts. I will be praying that this is the cycle God chooses to use to bring a little life to your family for HIS glory!

beth ewing

praying for that little one to be conceived this month. sounds like a really good month with 4 follicles and a great sperm count.